I miss the olden days when you could see two movies for the price of one. Also, some movies go great together, BBQ sauce and French Fries. You might not think they work paired up, but they do. I have several movies that are seemingly unrelated, but make fantastic double features. Anyone can watch a movie and a sequel or several movies in a series. Finding two movies that fit together that weren’t intended to, now that is interesting.

Last week’s double feature for me and my roommate was a double dose of Robert Redford.


They are both spy movies, but in very different tones. At the same time, they go together very well. Sydney Pollack’s 70’s spy thriller THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR (based on the novel SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR, which apparently needed a few days shaved off for movie audiences). SNEAKERS has a lighter tone, although it can get dark and serious in moments. Seeing Dan Akroyd essentially playing himself acting against Sydney Poitier with a little bit od David Strathairn and River Phoenix just comes together really well.

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