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Blog : Love's fire heats water, water cools not love
Posted on 2017/4/12 10:10:47

My feelings turn towards a sad reflection. A friend of mine, William T. Miller from Dayton passed away. I did not know him too well, but we were definitely kindred spirits. I did his talk show a couple times (see below embedded video) and we got along so well. He came here to see me a few times. I even saw him a few weeks ago at a film screening. Such a loss to the film community, as Bill was so enthusiastic about making movies.

I am now completely vested in a multicam system of my own. Five Panasonic HD cameras, all the cabling, a mixing board, and the Blackmagic Designs ATEM switcher system. Got my own setup, cables, and a 40Ē monitor and it doesnít exactly fit in my car. So I am now contemplating (and not leaning towards) getting an SUV for the gear.

Iím already directing two live shows locally every week. That gets my head spinning and wheels of time turn ever so much faster when you have regular gigs nonstop. I have rearranged my entire house to accommodate the new setup and equipment. I bought a labeler to make sure my stuff never gets mixed up with other peopleís cables or tripods or stands.

This appears to be the new direction in my life. If several local celebrities came knocking on my door to get me to direct their shows, that must mean Iíve done something right. Still, I cannot start my own fire for my own projects. Itís like they are a bit lifeless, kind of like my dating life.

The Cats of Rossland continue their existence as it is. I swear someone is breaking in and spoiling them when I am not home. When Iím out working more, they get more annoying and demanding.

I will say that even though creatively, I have been in something of a draught, ideas still ferment as they marinate in my mind. Fragments of ideas, outline changes, line of dialogue, and the like just occur here and there. Either in the car, at the gym, swimming a lap, walking around the park; new things just appear. Iíve taken to writing them down in a tiny pad or in my notes of my phone.

Who knows? I might get around to making something of my own again soon. Or not. I canít tell what changes will come day to day.

ĒYou better come inside when you're ready to
But no chance if you don't wanna dance
You like a four letter words when you're ready to
But then you won't 'cause you know that you can
You got it
But are you gettin' it?
You say that love is won when you get some
But then your finger won't trigger the gunĒ
- Def Leppard

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