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Info : 3rd Emmy nomination for PETER JOHN ROSS and FRAMELINES!
Posted on 2015/6/4 11:57:15

FRAMELINES and the Tech Tips just got a 3rd Emmy Nomination! Your faithful narrator has been humbled and honored to receive the nomination for a regional Emmy. The Tech Tips have been a passion project for me for the last few years. Making new ones and helping people learn filmmaking make me feel good, a way to give back to the wonderful karma that has been in my world.

I hear from teachers and students all over the world, from places like Thailand and Australia, from High School through college level about these videos. It warms my heart to hear from folks who tell me I showed them something they didnít know or that it helped them understand something that just didnít make sense reading it on a page.

For this, and the incredible 3rd nomination of an Emmy, I am eternally grateful.

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