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Blog : To the sessions of sweet silent thought
Posted on 2016/2/11 18:49:47

The fire rises still. Near non-stop editing and creation for me. Got a brand new title sequence for Season 3 of FRAMELINES, plus working on the templates for the episodes, meaning all the titles, transitions, sound FX, music beds, credits, and lower 3rds, etc. Iím trying to make it easier to just drop in the intros and segments themselves so the episodes have a consistent feel and look.

Have a special two part episode series to start of this season focusing on the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project. Already working on that epic while prepping several more episodes to follow.

My assistant editor Joe made an enormous discover by accident that saves me and him a whole lotta time. When I uploaded the whole episodes to Youtube so we can get interns to transcribe the episodes, Joe clicked on the CLOSED CAPTIONS button and Youtube had automatically detected and created subtitles. Via some handy sites for free, we could download the SRT file, which in turn can be imported into Sony Vegas and exported to Scenarist Closed Caption (*.SCC files) which is what is required for broadcast captions.

These freebie captions arenít perfect. Doesnít matter, itís probably about 85% accurate and we can fix the rest by hand, which means weíre doing a lot less manual work, typing the bulk of the words spoken in each episode, and even the placement in time for the video clips. This has changed the game entirely for our deliverables for broadcast and sped up the entire process by weeks.

ĒLately I've been running on faith
What else can a poor boy do?
But my world will be right
When love comes over you
Lately I've been talking in my sleep
I can't imagine what I'd have to say
Except my world will be right
When love comes back your way
I've always been one to take each and every day
Seems like by now I'd find a love who cares just for meĒ
- Eric Clapton

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