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Blog : To make me give the lie to my true sight
Posted on 2016/5/1 9:55:21

Gotten back on track with a few things. Health issues have abated, at least mostly. I just lost a day or two entirely to the trance of creation. The world just disappeared as I worked on two new books coming out in the next couple weeks. First is the FRAMELINES book on film tips, using some articles and other material. The next one was taking three of my nearly two decade old screenplays and putting them out as a book.

Spending my time hunkered down, writing and editing these books kept my mind occupied when I couldnít do much else. Now I can get around, hit the gym, and eat more normally.

Scheduled the FRAMELINES screening. Tonight I worked on the raffle and tomorrow is the press release to local media about the show. Iím barely 4 weeks out, which means I have to move quickly to get these to the media. Itís been several years since I last contacted the local media, so I have no real contacts right now.

Iím also setting up an audition for the next short film, so that will be invigorating. I will be able to cast the last few roles of the short, plus get some footage for a FRAMELINES Tech Tip on Auditioning at the same time.

Life in Rossland continues to kick all kinds of ass. Your faithful narrator is pleased.

ĒIt's been so lonely without you here
I'm like a bird without a song
Nothing can stop this lonely rain from falling
Tell me baby, where did I go wrong? Ē
- Prince

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