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Blog : As his triumphant prize, proud of this pride
Posted on 2016/9/2 11:34:46

Started testing the new animations for Uncle Peteís Play Time and having a blast. I came up with some other practical applications for this new tool as well. Again, never in my life did I want to be a 2D animator, but this is just too delicious to pass up. I never want to stop learning all new things.

Learning a new skill always ignites the brain on so many levels. Creative, engineering, calculating, and every corner of the mind gets used with something like this. The only downside if how it overtakes my Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies. I canít give up a lot of other things on my plate, so itís a balancing act.

This whole animation thing has opened up a huge creative opportunity. I plan on using it in the future Sonnyboo Podcasts and on FRAMELINES. Iíve already started writing some new material to use this, collecting and working with the photoshop of the Phonemes (mouth movements for different sounds).

Still swimming and hitting the gym about 5 days a week. Not seeing the change much at this point in body weight. Doesnít matter, I am feeling great. A lot less feeling ill, tired or distracted. What I find most helpful is the change in breathing. I get my blood thumping hard, get out of breath, open up the lungs and take in more oxygen. After a brief respite, sinuses clear, I breathe deeper and better, really getting my brain oxygenated.

This change affects me the most. My attitude is more positive, ideas flow more freely, I have been more motivated. Even my dreams are more vivid. There is so much more going on, so much more is getting done, and I feel great all the time.

ĒI can't read about it, burns the skin from your eyes
I'll do fine without it, here's one you don't compromise
Lies come hard to disguise
Let me to fight it out, not wild about it
Lay your seedy judgements, who says they're part of our lives?
You own the money, you control the witness
I hear you're lonely, don't monkey with my business
You pay the profits to justify the reasons
I heard your promise but I don't believe it
That's why I'll do it againĒ
- Duran Duran

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