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Posted on 2008/3/9 19:30:13

Tomorrow I shoot another short. Iíve only waited around 5 years to get this one shot. I have to recast one nephew for another one because the original choice is too old now. I just have to tell the little guy ďTough Titty, itís the movie business, kid. Now get out of my shot. Maybe you can get the PAís some coffee. It's called show business, not show family. Scram.Ē

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Posted on 2008/3/4 22:12:42

I recently shed a lot of inner turmoil. About 2 weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to focus on a few issues and not be worried about what may or may not affect me; letís only worry about what is in front of me, not hiding in the bushes nearby. One thing at a time, thatís all I can care about. My time is getting more and more precious as I commit to gigs and projects. I donít have time to be worried about little things. Surprisingly, I have honored that commitment, plus the one to get off my lazy ass and get more physical in my daily routines.

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Posted on 2008/3/2 9:50:32

Yesterday kicked ass. I mean all kinds of ass, big ass, little ass, fat ass Ė ALL KINDS OF ASS was kicked. Knowing my friend George Caleodis was coming back to Columbus for a few days, I came up with an idea to shoot him on the greenscreen stage with a bit I have that is both for my upcoming feature film and can also stand on itís own for the web for now. Itís not hard to shoot, as I planned on 2 cameras and no moving shots so the keying and tracking will be easy sleazy cover girl.

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Posted on 2008/2/23 0:20:44

The past few nights I worked late on a moonlighting edit gig. I made some extra money, but they were some seriously long days. I took Friday off and I had one or two things in mind to do. Mostly I wanted to watch movies, but that didnít really ever happen, which has been the norm for the past few months when I get free time. I had no Sexy Fiancť tonight, which is usually when I get to watch movies. Sheís an actress who doesnít like to watch TV or movies or plays. Weird.

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Posted on 2008/2/16 8:35:38

After my previous depressing post, I figured Iíd take a swing back into the more positive realms. Tonight, the ice cracked enough that I got some real writing done. Knowing my actor buddy is coming back to Ohio from LA got me a bit excited about shooting something, an idea hit, and the wellspring gushed forth. I got 5-6 new ideas and when it rains it pours.

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Posted on 2008/2/14 9:57:18

Transitioning Naturally, a piece on using the camera to get from one scene to another without pressing a button in the computer. It's in the March 2008 issue of the magazine in print but also online for free.

The article/video features actors Rhoda Cronebach, Bryan Michael Block, and Brandy Seymour. Camera work by TJ Cooley.

CLICK HERE to read article online


the video of it is here (CLICK HERE)

Posted on 2008/2/7 13:59:55

I surf the web a lot. I find myself becoming more of a lurker and less of a proponent of the bad aspects of online culture. Since I am a filmmaker, I tend to read a lot on filmmakers, even local ones, or local people who aspire to become filmmakers. Recently I came across two absolutely amazingly bad things that warrant a mention on the Sonnyboo Blog.

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Posted on 2008/2/5 14:07:32

Your faithful narrator has calmed some in the last week, although there are still some bumps in the road. Iím still working a lot, but not as much as I was. This looks to be a very light week, and I have made personal headway on the Derekís movie ETERNAL.

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Posted on 2008/1/30 11:55:22

Another birthday came & went. I am 36 years old.... Still young because 40 is death. For the first time I feel older, but not old. I donít know if I can eloquently describe what I am thinking on the subject. I guess, I donít have to face maturity anytime soon and I have no intention of it.

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Posted on 2008/1/20 9:10:15

Something weird happens. On Yahoo Video every now and then, my views just skyrocket. Thanks to TUBEMOGUL.COM, I can look over a compilation of stats from 12 different sites at any one time. Me likes that. Iím just confounded by the numbers. With CRACKLE.COM, I can understand because I can trace a spike in views to being featured on their main page or getting an ďEditorís Choice AwardĒ. With Yahoo Video, I have no discernable reason why one day I go from hundreds of views a day to suddenly thousands of views. Sure I added a video of my cousin Ian playing guitar , but that wasnít it. This past Thursday, my views spiked and it wasnít a single video, it was 20 of them just went BAMM! And I had a lot of people watching a lot of my movies.

Could this be in response to the writerís strike and how people are turning to the Internet even MORE than they were for entertainment?

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Posted on 2008/1/12 9:59:00

I feel like 2008 will be the year I get back on my game. Like an ice melting, my creativity has begun to open up some. I have already begun to lay out plans for quite a busy year. I know I have vowed, in this very blog series no less, to never make a short again. That has been broken twice before with ALWAYS LATE and HOW TO DEAL WITH TELEMARKETERS, but the latter has taught me an important lesson; you have to practice to keep the skill-set up.

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Posted on 2008/1/5 12:08:08

My first article I've written for VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE has come out. You can see it online HERE (click here). There is an accompanying video which worked well, although I sold all rights to it to VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE when I did it.

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Posted on 2008/1/4 14:10:00

Acolytes of Boo, I have dreadful news. Scott Spears (, the cinematographer on half fof HORRORS OF WAR has tragedy hit. His wife Tracy passed away last night. No one is sure yet what happened, but my heart goes out to Scott and Tracy's families. She seemed to have passed peacefully at home. She was barely 42 years old.

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Posted on 2007/12/26 8:59:54

So I was set to enjoy the extra time off work, maybe get caught up on some movie watching, and possibly get to the screenwriting, re-writing that has been awaiting me. Nope, that was not in the cards for your faithful narrator. As has become the norm, some guy from my past had to swoop in with ultimatums and needs and take away the relaxation and peace in the world of Boo.

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Posted on 2007/12/19 11:50:15

This blog is dedicated to some of the goings on of big Hollywood movies, not the lowly indie or micro stuff I usually write about.

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Posted on 2007/12/15 7:53:23

I grow weary. Very weary, my acolytes. It seems the work never stops for the Boo. I have piled work loads upon my shoulders and there are not enough hours in the day to do them all. I will endeavor to do so, but it has taken its toll on your faithful narrator. He has need of peace and rest, but there is none to be had in the foreseeable future.

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Posted on 2007/12/8 12:39:22

No rest for the wicked. I am ensconced with post production work. I took on some extra projects this weekend because I now need to recoup a heavy loss this week. On Thursday morning, I awoke to the sensation of cold. First my hand froze, and then the rest of me started to go quite freezing. I awoke at 7:45AM and went downstairs to see what was happening. The thermostat read a warm 51 degrees. I felt the vents and cold air was blowing from them.

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Posted on 2007/12/1 17:16:36

Acolytes of Boo, your faithful narrator has been ill. The last several days have been a flurry of mucus and imbalance. I lost 2 days worth of work, so some of my recent extracurricular paid work is now filling the gap of everyday responsibility.

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Posted on 2007/11/25 12:00:00

Once again, Indieclub comes through for me. Not the local chapter, but the national/international forum with a suggestion from a fellow user who suggested I put my movies out to all the web video sites via a new service that tracks all your videos as well as lets you upload to 12 sites simultaneously. Now THAT is something that helps me out. I have a ton of videos, shorts, news clips, etc. so this service saves me a TON of time getting the videos all up in a single shot. Plus, the main purpose of this service is to track the views and statistics, so I get a twofer which I love.

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