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Posted on 2007/12/15 7:53:23

I grow weary. Very weary, my acolytes. It seems the work never stops for the Boo. I have piled work loads upon my shoulders and there are not enough hours in the day to do them all. I will endeavor to do so, but it has taken its toll on your faithful narrator. He has need of peace and rest, but there is none to be had in the foreseeable future.

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Posted on 2007/12/8 12:39:22

No rest for the wicked. I am ensconced with post production work. I took on some extra projects this weekend because I now need to recoup a heavy loss this week. On Thursday morning, I awoke to the sensation of cold. First my hand froze, and then the rest of me started to go quite freezing. I awoke at 7:45AM and went downstairs to see what was happening. The thermostat read a warm 51 degrees. I felt the vents and cold air was blowing from them.

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Posted on 2007/12/1 17:16:36

Acolytes of Boo, your faithful narrator has been ill. The last several days have been a flurry of mucus and imbalance. I lost 2 days worth of work, so some of my recent extracurricular paid work is now filling the gap of everyday responsibility.

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Posted on 2007/11/25 12:00:00

Once again, Indieclub comes through for me. Not the local chapter, but the national/international forum with a suggestion from a fellow user who suggested I put my movies out to all the web video sites via a new service that tracks all your videos as well as lets you upload to 12 sites simultaneously. Now THAT is something that helps me out. I have a ton of videos, shorts, news clips, etc. so this service saves me a TON of time getting the videos all up in a single shot. Plus, the main purpose of this service is to track the views and statistics, so I get a twofer which I love.

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Posted on 2007/11/23 12:00:00

Yesterday I ordered my HD-DVD player, thanks to a link on the main page of AICN. For myself - it was singularly deciding to purchase the BLADE RUNNER 5 DVD set. I know I don't want to buy it twice, especially not in standard definition, so I had to commit. I chose HD-DVD. Here's why:

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Posted on 2007/11/18 12:00:00

Well, this seems to be it. My movie has been on shelves for almost 2 weeks. The sense of finality has come. The HORRORS OF WAR chapter of my life seems to be over. I’m relieved and glad. This has been my life for so long that I can let it go. I have some final words on the subject, and for the most part it can exist as something in my past.

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Posted on 2007/11/10 12:00:00

I'm currently reading a book of collected interviews with Steven Spielberg. I am a huge fan, but I have not watched a lot of his movies or even watched too many behind the scenes etc. from his flicks in a several months. This book gets me jazzed because it ranged from his early twenties to his mid fifties and seeing what his mindset is like.

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Posted on 2007/11/8 12:00:00

Well, my movie came out on DVD this past Tuesday. To celebrate, John Whitney had the idea of a DVD release party. So we had one at Scott Spears’ production Partners studio. It was a blast. As per usual, I had no idea how many people to anticipate. You can invite people, but I had no clue how many would actually show up. As someone so eloquently said to me on the phone earlier in the day, “I don’t want to waste my time because I don’t think anyone’s showing up…” and to be honest, I didn’t either. Some people didn’t show up, but a great number of people did.

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Posted on 2007/10/30 12:00:00

We have returned from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; a place I never thought I would ever go in my life. My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ and I attended the IT CAME FROM LAKE MICHIGAN horror movie festival/convention. I met Uwe Boll, a much nicer man that you would anticipate. This is a guy who took on his critics in a boxing ring and had an email war with a reviewer from WIRED. Uwe was extremely honest, to the point of near-career suicide by describing people like Michael Madsen as a complete drunk and that many people are incompetent. Refreshing and frightening honesty all wrapped into one this was.

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Posted on 2007/10/21 12:00:00

I have Good News, Bad News, and Good News again. Let’s start with the bad.

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Posted on 2007/10/17 12:00:00

Let’s face it people, Avril Lavigne speaks like Lord Byron or a 5 foot 1 inch tall peroxide blond Hemmingway. With words like “She’s like, so whatever!” – That really sums up life you know? It really is that simple. I know have the international CD single that has no less than 7 language versions of “Hey Hey, You You, I don’t Like Your Girlfriend” and I torture My Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ with multiple repeat listening.

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Posted on 2007/10/10 12:00:00

Well, this Friday night my cousin Ian Ross will be here while prepping for a gig on Saturday. His father, my uncle has surgery here on Sunday, but it looks to be minor. My uncle is responsible for getting me into Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, whilst I am responsible for introducing him to Stevie Ray Vaughn and other more modern bluesmen. I gave up music many years ago. I never felt I conveyed my intentions to listeners very well. No one “got it” and as an artist trying to express yourself, there is frustration when your thought or idea is not being interpreted. With filmmaking, I feel I was getting my ideas across right out of the gate.

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Posted on 2007/10/1 12:00:00

Well my acolytes, ‘tis a dark night. The moon has passed into shadow, and the demons of the past arise. I speak of course about the fact that Kelsey Grammar has a new sitcom.

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Posted on 2007/9/26 12:00:00

So I finally got to see the documentary that’s been editing in my basement for the last 4 months. I think the guys did an admirable job. The original intent was to be a “behind the scenes” of the REEL BUCKEYE feature called “THREE EASY PAYMENTS” but became a study of the local Columbus film scene as a whole over the last 25 years.

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Posted on 2007/9/21 12:00:00

I am tired. I mean exhausted. I’ve been working straight since my last blog with no days off. Lots and lots of editing. I even started bringing my work home with me and working off a portable 750 Gig Hard Drive. It makes me both happy and sad. I’m ecstatic because I’m hitting my goals for getting out of all debt and working towards a newer, nicer car, but I’m sad because I feel creatively drained and there’s no time to dedicate to my artistic inclinations.

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Posted on 2007/9/11 12:00:00

One can never ignore this date in America ever again. Six years ago today I was in Manhattan on that fateful day. I remember my father telling me that it will be a day I will never forget and it has never diminished for me. Alas, but we can do no more but I fail to see the connection to the War in Iraq and the current state of chaos that has become our nation. I wish our president would stop trying to cash in on the same tragedy.

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Posted on 2007/9/4 12:00:00

I have so little to report on. I’m working a lot.

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Posted on 2007/8/19 12:00:00

Yesterday I made the trek to Indiana for the “B” Movie Celebration. First up, a Director’s Panel with Tom Savini, Lloyd Kaufman, Jim Wynorski, Dan Hall, & Jim O’Rear. It was moderated by ___ and I had a blast. I have met Lloyd Kaufman several times, although every time I introduce myself, I never mention it because this guy meets several thousand filmmakers, nonetheless people, every year, so I don’t expect myself to make that much of an impression on him. I finally met Tom Savini face to face, which after meeting and working with so many people who worked with him, that was nice.

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Posted on 2007/8/6 12:00:00

I survived the Indie Gathering yet again this year. I was on 5 panels for indie filmmaking with some of the usual suspects and some new filmmakers. It seems this year had the widest reach in terms of the number of people from all over the country. I met some filmmakers from Houston Texas with dirt on Robert Rodriguez and a guy from Florida whose movie looked fantastic via the trailer, so I’m hoping to get a copy in the mail.

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Posted on 2007/8/1 12:00:00

Ahhhhhh, I am beginning to feel some serenity. Scott has returned and I am no longer minding the store. The hours were mad crazy, but the pay was decent, so the Ross is content. I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the idea of having semi-steady income again. Being a freelancer, money comes, and money goes, and money sometimes comes in big and other times small. Regular money in regular intervals makes for a more reliable schedule.

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