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Posted on 2007/7/22 12:00:00

Ahoy their acolytes of Boo. This is your captain speaking and Iím here to rock your world. Not really, Iím quoting the Artist Formerly Known as and currently known as Prince from a 1995 track. Your faithful narrator has been a busy worker bee. Many things happen and work has been accomplished. I have been covering for my sometimes boss as he teaches in one of the Carolinaís, I donít think Iíll ever be able to tell them apart since I donít do any work there in those states yet. Instead of being a free-from-responsibility freelancer, Iíve been trying to take care of business.

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Posted on 2007/7/11 12:00:00

I like watching short films online. There are a lot of varying degrees of talent out there. Even more crap exists than good and even less great material, but it's the spice of life to see it all. Here's my laundry list of my own personal preferences and personal dislikes in movies online.

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Posted on 2007/7/1 12:00:00

A lot can happen in a few short weeks these days. Some good, some bad, but things do happen. The universe tends to keep a somewhat balance over events, but for me, some things are more relevant than others. My priorities donít resemble more other peoples. Iíll make somewhat eccentric choices.

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Posted on 2007/6/14 12:00:00

Well, Iím now working more than I have in years. Not since my first year at Tavares Teleproductions have I worked this many hours. Luckily, my skill-set has improved and I can be more efficient with my time. Editing TV spots for the Food Network & MTV2 arenít all bad. There are far worse ways to make a living.

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Posted on 2007/6/11 8:54:25

So we got an assembly of Goodnight Cleveland together. Friday night was significant because Micah & I watched the assembly for the first time. I wanted to stay away from the basic scene edits until the assembly was together, and then start getting into the rough cut and fine cuts. Micah and Jeff did all of the editing, except 2 scenes that I edited because of time constraints. Goodnight Cleveland is a 16mm feature from Miguel Baldoni-Olivencia and produced by my good friend George Caleodis. It was shot in 1996-1997. It has remained dormant until the cost of telecine dropped to the point where I personally paid for the telecine transfers to MiniDV so we could edit on a computer instead of the archaic & time consuming flatbed editing.

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Posted on 2007/6/3 9:49:28

So that last 2 days have been 13-14 shoot days at the Ohio state finals for track & field. Last year when I did this, I ruined a brand new pair of VANS. This year I wore the ruined shoes and again this year, rain poured on us both days. Sadly, this did not stop my skin from burning to the point of having blisters. I wore my faithful Sonnyboo hat, but that didnít stop the nose, my most susceptible part of my body to sunburn, from frying red. Your faithful narrator sits in pain at the keyboard, slathered in Aloe. I found that keeping the aloe in the refrigerator does make it incredibly wonderful when you slap that stuff all over.

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Posted on 2007/5/17 10:28:44

Iím going to talk a lot about television again, but this time itís about some of my personal likes & dislikes, as well as the current news. Letís face it, what we grew up on and even loved as kids in the genre of situation comedy has died, but some shows just didnít realize it. There were remnants of the vanilla, stale sitcom format that were little more than poorly made clones of the COSBY show, recycling the same plots and family friendly nonsense with no sense of risk, subsequently no sense of freshness either. The two most blatant ripoffs that also lacked any kind of humor (to me anyways) were THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JIM with Jim Belushi and Damon Wayansí MY WIFE AND KIDS. Thankfully both have been canceled as of this week. Sometimes God does smile on me, even though she throws me an occasional left turn.

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Posted on 2007/5/3 20:03:40

My dear acolytes, your faithful narrator has remained as busy as ever. Iím so busy and also quite tired that I shanít go see the midnight show of Spider-man 3 tonight. Iím going to wait until tomorrow like so many others. I prefer to see the midnight screenings of the big ďevent moviesĒ that are to my liking because the anticipation and audience reactions are quite fun. Iím not a huge Harry Potter fan, but a midnight screening with dorks dressed in school boy (and school girl) outfits always make for an entertaining event. Experiencing a movie with all the fandom separates the movie-going from just seeing it plainly at home on a DVD.

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Posted on 2007/4/22 21:54:05

Another blog so soon? Why yes, Acolytes of Boo, another. Since my previous entry a great tech discovery occurred that I wished to share with the masses and anyone looking for this type of help since it was miraculous for me. This is aimed primarily for the video editors and graphics/animators out there, but the principals can be applied elsewhere. I also have an epic for lovers and haters of Microsoft ô alike.

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Posted on 2007/4/21 20:28:11

Well, what can I say? I have been so freakiní busy lately, I donít know where to begin, or what might be monotonous or interesting. One thingís for sure. I have been incredibly ill that last few days. Itís called ďHay FeverĒ because the pollination of plants in the spring time have greatly agitated my sinuses via the allergies. I have had a high fever for the last 2-3 days, but it seems to finally be passing. I even did 2 commercial shoots during this time, so I have been making some headway into the world of monetary stability, albeit temporarily. Freelance work is never truly ďsteadyĒ.

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Posted on 2007/4/4 9:33:08

Okay where I left off at was en route to Poland, stopping in Berlin for a few hours to wait for the train to Warsaw. After a night of very little sleep, it was painfulÖ and freezing. Once I got on the train and we got our seats, I was out for the majority of the 6 hour train ride. Once we got in, a driver picked us up and took us to the hotel. Unlike the hotel that I booked in Paris, Brandy picked this one and it was high class with wireless Internet and nice showers, etc. We ate a nice meal and passed out.

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Posted on 2007/3/31 12:40:49


We arrive at Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris, which is one of 3 airports, but the only one I've ever seen. We easily make our way out of there, but we wound up taking a cab because of a problem just getting to the subway system. We go to our hotel straight away so we can drop off our bags and make our way around. It's 9:00AM Paris time, and we can't check in until 9:00PM. After the drop off, we wind up being all of a few paces from a Metro stop. I have a theory that you can get anywhere in Paris in no more than 2 subway trains. This is no exception and we decide to see the Eiffel Tower first. It's symbolic of Paris in every way, and being from Ohio Brandy brings up the KING's ISLAND 1/3rd scale Eiffel Tower. Once you see the real one, you find the Cincinnati replica kind of silly and for me, in bad taste. This proved true yet again. Once we got street level near the military school, it was freezing and raining. We stopped into a cafe to wait it out a little. One of the joys of Paris is just chilling in a cafe to talk & people watch. We did this well since Brandy was still very sick and on the flight over my sniffling became a full on runny nose.

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Posted on 2007/3/13 11:22:15

Another week goes by. This past Friday and Saturday I was doing long days as a camera operator on a gig for Scott Spears. He has moved back to Columbus from LA and has been freelancing himself quite a little bit. I needed the gig since I need some extra money for the European trip coming soon. It will help a lot as I gear up for the next phase in my development as a human being. Because I know my girlfriend does not read my blogs, and only sometimes looks at the pictures, I think it's safe to announce a little secret here. I am planning on asking her some serious questions in Paris. Big questions. One might say that you "pop" this one, but that is an odd phrase that makes no sense to me. Don't tell her. She doesn't know. Plus maybe it's all a ruse to see if she really is reading my blogs and not telling me. I have been known to be that cruel on occasion.

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Posted on 2007/3/7 11:28:36

Okay, as is usual with me, and what also in typical fashion, makes the most interest to my faithful readers, the Acolytes of Boo, I have a new stalker. You will be pleased to know that it has already reached the point where I the police are now involved. I shanít go into too much detail, as it feels a bit crass at this point, since Iíve got to go to the city prosecutorís office to file charges.

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Posted on 2007/3/2 8:41:10

Well, it took some time, but I finally have something I am very very happy about. Iíve been working on a script for a fairly thorough outline of a feature screenplay for well over a year. Iíve now worked with 3 additional writers, although the majority of material from 2 of them went unused. Now, I am fairly content and twiddling with the remaining draft.

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Posted on 2007/2/25 12:56:43

Most people know that has free music & other downloads. It's odd, I get 15-17 emails a day (literally) thanking me for my generosity, and these days, a lone poster who feels that I am an evil bastard because I benefit from the promotion of my downloads.

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Posted on 2007/2/13 15:01:28

I have a movie for the IFC MEDIA LAB site, but it is 7 minutes and they wanted it down to 6 minutes, so that meant some cutting. I have never re-edited this movie & sure wasn't going to go back to the raw footage so I watched it to see if I could just make trims from the movie as is. Since there was no music throughout until the end section, it was pretty easy to just Razor Tool out some lines of dialogue, and some (invisible to me for years) awkward pauses. In one spot during the section with music, I had to make a cut, but that was easily overcome with a cross dissolve on the audio track.

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Posted on 2007/2/7 12:01:01

The BASIC OF EDITING CLASS focuses more on the theory of editing and a universal approach to computer based editing. It is NOT format or software specific. It does not matter if you are editing with Avid, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, or even Imovie or WindowsMovieMaker.

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Posted on 2007/2/6 11:57:17

In the late 1980's through the early 1990's, the artistic endeavor that most high school aged people did was start a band. The music store business thrived during the time when you could by LP's, Cassettes, and CD's all at the same time. Then the other kind of music store, the type where they sell guitars, amps, keyboards, and drumsticks, also began to thrive. I speak from some level of experience because not only did I play in bands on guitar or keyboards, but I worked at LANG MUSIC, a now defunct music store where I sold guitars for several years from ages 16-23.

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Posted on 2007/2/1 17:23:18

Well, first off the first thing to take note of in the world of Boo is the new site for the BLOG and JOURNAL ENTRIES Ė This was a wonderful birthday present from my best friend. Itís one of those surprise gifts youíd never ask for but has a lot of meaning and uses you never considered. Big shout out to the Moe for this handy gift of a domain and site.

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