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Posted on 2007/12/19 11:50:15

This blog is dedicated to some of the goings on of big Hollywood movies, not the lowly indie or micro stuff I usually write about.

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Posted on 2007/5/7 9:06:24

By Peter John Ross

How many bands have had a top 10 single from Columbus? None. Ever hear of a film being shot in Columbus that made it to Sundance? Nope. Aside from Cameron Mitchell, how many mom & pop restaurants are Columbus only? Maybe a handful, and I assure you they aren’t making as much money as Applebee’s on a Friday night.

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Posted on 2007/2/6 11:57:17

In the late 1980's through the early 1990's, the artistic endeavor that most high school aged people did was start a band. The music store business thrived during the time when you could by LP's, Cassettes, and CD's all at the same time. Then the other kind of music store, the type where they sell guitars, amps, keyboards, and drumsticks, also began to thrive. I speak from some level of experience because not only did I play in bands on guitar or keyboards, but I worked at LANG MUSIC, a now defunct music store where I sold guitars for several years from ages 16-23.

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Posted on 2007/1/27 14:30:00

by Peter John Ross

In the last 7 years or so, I love what's happened with TV. The derivation between "TV" and "FILM" has blurred so much that some of the best cinematic works are now television shows. That's the key word too - CINEMATIC. It seems that shows like THE SHIELD, 24, ROME, LOST, BAND OF BROTHERS, etc. have all gotten a much more cinematic, theatrical film look.

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