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Posted on 2015/3/26 12:56:35

Weeks later and I am still sick. Coughing, voice gone, throat shredded. I hate feeling like this. When I was a kid, getting sick meant staying home from school and watching TV. Now it means terror of not making a mortgage payment because no work = no pay. Everything has been pushed off to the side because I canít stay focused for very long.

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Posted on 2015/3/16 17:48:58

I have had a really strange week or so. I went from being violently ill to a hotbed of writing for college to almost getting fired which transformed into a new job and a raise. How funny that someone trying to get me fired turned into a significant increase in my annual salary. Karma loves me. It must explain why so many good things keep happening in my life of late.

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Posted on 2015/3/15 9:19:34

So I hit a major milestone with my main YouTube account; one million combined views. Back in 2006, I already had all of my short films made by then on a myriad of video websites, including,,,,,, and a slew of others - not a single one of which exists today as a platform for distribution like Youtube, owned by Google (which sadly had Google Video that I was entirely invested in with videos). So when Youtube started up, I had fatigued on keeping up with uploading my 30+ short films to every single site and thought this one wouldnít be any different. Boy was I wrong.

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Posted on 2015/3/9 20:56:05

Did a big shoot this past weekend with a world famous body builder. I was run ragged after the big national TV spot ad campaign, but decided to do this anyway. Money is money, and the guy was way cool to work for. I also put some money into a friendís pocket as an assistant for the day. I didnít even need the help, but spreading the good will always pays out in karmic debt.

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Posted on 2015/3/1 10:24:39

One of the perpetually fascinating aspects of filmmaking in the Internet era remains how fragile egos can be. I guess what really keeps me interested is when people try to write things with the intent to hurt feelings in the exact same way the a grade schooler would. Writing things like ďyou suck!Ē or ďyouíre an ass!Ē are supposed to evoke a reaction, but the only one I get are chuckles at the simplistic and rather pedestrian attempts at angering me.

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Posted on 2015/2/24 19:17:02

The past several days have really sucked. I got the flu whilst in the middle of the national ad campaign. I managed to get my work done, but practically nothing else. It was work, nap, work, nap and no time to so much as look at a few emails. My head hurts, canít taste anything, snot pouring from my nose, and a fever. Thank god for the people who have been taking care of me.

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Posted on 2015/2/21 20:11:59

The snow and the cold; not fun. Buried in a mountain of a few hundred TV spots I have to make and upload. I have a few breaks for render time. I might be sleeping on some of those little short breaks. Working long hours including Friday nights and all weekend are normal for this project. Oddly, I love this work. I love what I do for a living, and I am loving life so much these days.

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Posted on 2015/2/19 14:18:12

Things are a-boominí in my world at the moment. Inundated with work, most especially paid work. The semi-annual national ad campaign is in full swing meaning I have practically no time for anything in the next week or so. Iím trying to just stay afloat. Waves of odd contradictory emotions crash over me. Overall, life absolutely does NOT suck right now. Creativity hampered by age and life equal a better existence.

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Posted on 2015/2/12 14:30:50

The last year or so of my life has been pretty darn good. I am enjoying life on a semi-daily basis for so many reasons. I am keeping busy, doing work for myself, my clients, and teaching my students. I have a home that I love deeply. The core group of friends I choose to spend time with elevate me and provide support.

At the moment, I need to indulge the need to vent a little about people that have become an irritant.

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Posted on 2015/2/6 15:33:00

Shot 5 new greenscreen segments last night at the studio. One of my classes did a field trip so I could show them more advanced lighting, which of course was set up by someone that ainít me. Iím not a gaffer (chief lighting technician), nor am I much of a camera operator. My main job was to be on air talent, read the lines from the teleprompter, then teach the almost unteachable.

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Posted on 2015/1/30 22:19:31

Working hard to wrap up several episodes of FRAMELINES, closed captions going on the last 3 episodes for delivery this coming week for broadcast, and scheduling a few shoots, some large, some small. Got an epic greenscreen shoot this coming week that will get a ton of FRAMELINES as well as Sonnyboo Podcast elements. As I said in a recent blog, these things are a band aid to my need to make something more narrative soon.

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Posted on 2015/1/11 16:33:22

I had almost forgotten about an idea I had for FRAMELINES, whereby we made an episode of all Tech Tips, something that was educational only. I took the best of what we had in Tech Tips, and had enough material for two full episodes at 26 minutes and 46 seconds each (the standard for our show). Host segments were shot and I am rendering the greenscreen elements out as I type.

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Posted on 2015/1/8 23:21:40

Finished the 20th episode of FRAMELINES and could not be happier to get another episode completed. Outlining another 8 episodes with material yet to be shot, shot not edited, and completed clips. Some of the shoots I want to do in the near future related to getting the 2nd season all the way finished.

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Posted on 2015/1/6 11:58:04

The creative process, the one inside your head, takes a toll on everything else. Much like dreams, no one can say how or why thoughts form in such a way when your mind wanders. And even more rare is the compulsion to take ideas like those and form them in reality. These days I value the end product more than the conception.

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Posted on 2015/1/3 11:41:23

Had a nice time at my own mostly unplanned New Yearís Eve Party. Have gotten back to work. Editing, planning, and making. I plan on continuing the utterly fantastic year that 2014 turned out to be and make 2015 even better. I foresee even more changes in my life, some good and some bad. The trick methinks is to have more good than bad on average, not letting the downside drown you.

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Posted on 2014/12/27 22:36:16

Good lord have I been catching up on sleep lately. Just deep, intense dreams, snoring cat next to my head, and a blissful feeling of relief when I wake up. Great times continue to roll in. Rossland kicks ass kinds of ass, big ass, little ass - all kinds of ass. As the year wraps up, time to contemplate life a bit.

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Posted on 2014/12/24 11:53:44

As this holiday commences, I ponder some of the past year. One of the things that has changed the most, especially in the last 6 months alone, has been my eating habits. I have had a love of cooking in the last few years, but nothing compared to recently.

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Posted on 2014/12/20 15:10:10

FINALLY! Some time off that I can afford to take. Iíve got one edit from a client that is probably 75% done, but I can work on it from home to finish the 2 alternate variations. As it is, I am attacking some of the other work in front of me in the queue. Two more very short FRAMELINES Short Takes are next up. Iím exporting the greenscreen footage already keyed as I type. After that, a few other things kick in.

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Posted on 2014/12/15 10:07:58

I do not envy Sony right about now. The controversy abound in the email hack scandal bringing about several points of view. Nothing remains private or sacred in todays world. Everything can be devoured and disseminated by the vultures. Even I must admit to more than a passing curiosity at seeing those in power lose it to their own hubris.

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Posted on 2014/12/8 8:52:42

Hmmm. Contentment breeds not the need to create. Iíve had time to myself, a decent amount no less and all I can do is relax, sleep a lot, and read every chance I get. I sat in my library for hours at a time with two felines burrowing in for heat and near comatose behavior. Lest I forget, I have also been quite a bit more social. With humans, no less.

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