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Posted on 2014/7/25 18:19:48

The last few days have been a flurry of shooting and prep for post production. Today I shot no less than 6 new bits. Yeah, some of them are all of :30 seconds long but they still count! I’m having trouble NOT creating and relaxing right now. It’s a pleasant diversion from certain stresses, although I cannot stop the inevitable. Just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

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Posted on 2014/7/24 12:04:44

The Emmy’s are right around the corner. I have no chance in hell of taking home some gold, but it’s like prom for television people and I want to go. A lot of my friends are nominated and I think several will win. I plan on having a blast though. I did this already and I know what to expect this year.

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Posted on 2014/7/21 16:26:22

Didn’t get to editing on the next Sonnyboo project. Helping a friend with his Saturday Night Live audition reel took precedent. I love this age where someone in Los Angeles can shoot and send me clips, and in a few short hours, I can turn it around with material gathered from YouTube and Vimeo. I hope he gets the gig. Fingers crossed...

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Posted on 2014/7/19 8:31:31

Had a hard drive failure and lost some important footage for FRAMELINES. It’s bad. Normally, we have multiple backups, but this was raw footage that had not been edited yet. A new procedure must be put in place to prevent this from happening again. Redundancy of data is essential in the new tapeless world.

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Posted on 2014/7/14 8:33:09

The next few weeks of my life are about to get interesting. Moving, working, editing, writing, and new opportunities arise. FRAMELINES has some new things coming, as along with the Sonnyboo Podcast, we shot several of these things I’m calling “short takes” to fill the :10 to :45 seconds in gaps each episode of FRAMELINES may have.

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Posted on 2014/7/12 18:49:53

Working on the latest Sonnyboo Podcast, having a little fun. I find I am putting slightly more time into the greenscreen portion. This time I did some virtual camera movement, spent a bit more time trying to make the keying a bit more “realistic”, even though that is never my intent with host segments. It was something new to try. I wasn’t aiming for photorealistic, but marrying the host (me) into the background with an eye towards better color matching and cleaner edges prepare me better for when I do want picture perfect keying.

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Posted on 2014/7/11 8:20:10

Life takes some topsy turvy turns, my droogies. Your faithful narrator may have some serious changes in the near future. All I have worked toward seems to be getting noticed, in the best ways possible for me. With the plans I set in motion for my life, I had 3 possible options and I waited for a sign and I got it this week. A validation for a mole hill I created that might become a mighty mountain.

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Posted on 2014/7/9 6:10:34

What a busy month this is! Moving, web series, podcasts, TV shows, and screenings Oh My! Tonight Mickey Fisher’s TV show EXTANT premiere’s. I am so happy for him. His story shows that if you simply work hard and do good work - you can really reach the stars. His story, which we covered for FRAMELINES, really brings me so much happiness. I have every faith in Mickey’s writing to make this a great show. I’m in for the next 13 weeks.

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Posted on 2014/7/7 7:16:30

Got the next Sonnyboo Podcast written for this week to shoot. It’s a good discipline to keep writing and shooting often even if you, and almost especially if, you don’t feel like doing it. I have to find the balance between burning myself out when the inspiration is so hot and how draining it can be to the spirit to constantly create, then market, rinse and repeat.

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Posted on 2014/7/6 8:58:36

Editing a new FRAMELINES piece, a follow up on our very first story - Mickey Fisher. Since this piece is going to play in front of a live audience before the premiere of his CBS series EXTANT, I figured I’d pull out all the stops with finishing and color correction. I have a hard time not being more of a perfectionist in editing now.

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Posted on 2014/6/29 8:34:35

The new Movie Cliché is finished and online. Another 3 are on deck. I have some time coming up where I won’t be teaching as much. That will be the perfect window to shoot some more of these. In the mean time, I can do a few more Sonnyboo Podcasts on Ye Olde Greenscreen too.

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Posted on 2014/6/25 8:58:03

Finished the Sonnyboo Podcast on Director’s Cut versus Special Editions, then put it online. Already this got decent responses. These trivial informational pieces are nothing more than a stopgap for a creative outlet for myself. Still, I enjoy making them and there is an audience building for them. The key word there remains building, with a future tense.

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Posted on 2014/6/23 20:10:28

Okay, lost the house. Haven’t been able to finish my edits. Life is hell right now. Panic mode kicked in on Saturday, and has continued pretty consistently since then 24-7. I was supposed to finish an edit for work, an edit for the Sonnyboo Podcast, and I did manage to get an interview shot for FRAMELINES. I must be a fool.

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Posted on 2014/6/19 19:59:41

Having a ton of trouble staying focused this week. Been attacking the FX on the Sonnyboo Podcast, but man oh man, I should have been able to bang this out fast. Instead, it’s 20 minutes here, 10 minutes there, and nary a finished podcast there isn’t. It doesn’t help that things are not going well with the home buying, at least thus far.

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Posted on 2014/6/16 6:53:21

Started working on the next Sonnyboo Podcast, and will try to whittle away at this today and tonight whenever I get a chance. Will probably be done in a day or less. I’m trying something different, using clips from an actual movie using the FAIR USE LAWS that permit it’s usage within the bounds of education/criticism.

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Posted on 2014/6/15 5:53:17

Got some simple CGI animation done for one of the Movie Clichés, and also the sound mix for that example. That one is pretty close to finished, just need the final touches, and flourishes on the host segment and then - BAMM! 1 more down, 29 more to go. My brain scatters a bit as I work on the next Sonnyboo Podcast shot on Friday and still have one of the Movie Cliché examples to even start editing, which I’ve blown off for over a week and would only take 2 hours tops to finish.

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Posted on 2014/6/12 21:03:10

I have really really bad news..... I'm going to keep making more and more movies of all types. I'm going to keep writing articles. I'm going to continue making my TV shows. I have no intention of slowing down in the slightest in my promotion of all of these things. If this bothers you, feel free and continue to whine and complain to anyone who isn’t me. I’m not interested.

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Posted on 2014/6/9 20:57:51

I promote my movies online. A lot. There is nothing new or even original about this. I make movies because I want them to be seen by as many people as possible. I am incredibly proud of the actors, the camera work, and everyone who helped make the movie. I feel I owe it to them to work hard and post the movie as much as I am able to. Here’s where I get confused; how can this possibly affect someone negatively?

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Posted on 2014/6/7 7:39:27

Put out the latest Movie Cliché clip (see below). It felt really good to get this done then put it out into the world. It took so long, much longer than it should have. It’s done now. That’s what counts. I really hope this finds its way out into an audience that likes it. I love it.

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Posted on 2014/6/5 6:48:36

So, got another Emmy nomination. Totally rad. To be honest, I was not expecting it. I feel what I submitted this year was inferior to what I sent last year, which means, winning is a LOT less likely. That’s okay; that isn’t the point really, at least for me. I completely forgot about entering, and when I got to school, someone messaged me a “good luck”, then I logged in to the live stream, just in time to hear my name read aloud. What a strange happenstance! And then I went back to work until late at night, went home and edited some more.

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