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Posted on 2014/3/21 22:37:56

Went to the Colony Film Festival in Marietta Ohio. I love this festival, one of my all time favorites. I spoke there in 2011 as a guest speaker. If you have an hour or so and need to enter a coma, or feel somewhat suicidal, you can see a video of that here. Last night I went here with the lovely Elizabeth McPherson who co-wrote and starred in the Cell Phone Monologues.

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Posted on 2014/3/20 18:56:24

Got the two greenscreen shoots done in the midst of 10-13 hour work days. I love keeping to my promise to myself; keep making movies. As I said recently, 15 years ago if I had seen the studio where I worked, all I would want to do is make movies all the time so that is exactly what I will do. I was operating with a lack of sleep, bleeding, pain in my foot, and stress from the TV spots weíre working on, but on the 2nd take, I started to come back to life. Taking a 20-30 minute break from the day job really did a lot for my energy.

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Posted on 2014/3/19 6:25:12

Want to know what I just realized? 14-15 years ago when I started to become a filmmaker, I dreamed about working at a studio, having a lighting grid, an office with an editing machine, and constantly having projects to work on. I am living that dream right now. That makes me feel grateful, to the universe, to my boss, to karma, to everyone who played a role in getting me to where I am today.

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Posted on 2014/3/18 8:11:37

As if I'm not busy enough - We're working on a national ad campaign where we only have 2 weeks to complete a WHOLE LOTTA work. And yet I am determined to make myself somewhat suicidal because I just agreed to teach a class because it's their hardest project of the one year program and I've been with them for every video module in the curriculum thus far and didn't want to miss this. And I'm going to do a shoot of 3 new greenscreen bits this week too.

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Posted on 2014/3/17 8:15:17

Had a total blast yesterday. Screened a bunch of stuff at Indieclub Cleveland. Yet again, a lot of discussion sparked by the Sonnyboo Podcasts and the topics therein. I also showed the re-edit of the last Movie Cliche.

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Posted on 2014/3/15 6:24:31

Not much time off this weekend. Going to screen a few things in Cleveland. Probably going to edit a few of these odds and ends that I've let straggle by the wayside. Things like an updated director's reel, an alternate and funnier edit to one of the Movie Cliche series. Since I don't have a need for one and the other already exists in one form; not a priority. I keep making up new things to do too.

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Posted on 2014/3/13 8:48:10

Surprise in the mail today, got a stack of THANK YOU letters from the High School I spoke to last week, along with a gift card. I am genuinely moved by this, although I assume the teacher made them do this. If I was wondering if the kids were paying attention, then these letters clearly showed they were. I talked a bit about several things in brief, and they brought up several of these obscurities in the letters.

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Posted on 2014/3/11 7:59:29

Speaking of positivity, I submitted to the Emmyís again this year. The ceremony will be in Columbus, so why not? Well, because I didnít win last year and based on what I saw, I donít believe I will win again, as I donít think what weíve done with FRAMELINES resonates with voters. Iím too casual a host, and the subject matter is too ďinside baseballĒ even to the judges themselves. Then again, itís all new judges from a different region. Who knows? I entered in 2 categories this year to double the chances.

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Posted on 2014/3/10 8:37:12

Got all three scripts written last night for a greenscreen shoot today that I put off from Friday. That is the last time I ever let drama get in the way of any shoot. Never again will I let personal bullshit stop me from making something. EVER. Making a movie, and I donít care if itís a :30 second commercial, a podcast, short film, sitcom, documentary, or feature film - THAT is what matters. Not this other nonsense. Let other people talk. Iím gonna create.

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Posted on 2014/3/9 9:06:28

Last night on the phone with a friend, I had a total epiphany and two more video podcast ideas just BAM! flowed out. I was literally in the middle of describing how to output Microsoft DV AVIís to create proxies for editing on older systems, and had to stop and jot down these two ideas. Yes, it was rude, but donít you hate it when you have a great idea, donít have time to write it down, then forget the actual idea, but do remember that you had a great idea?

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Posted on 2014/3/7 20:24:29

Definitely re-shooting this Movie Cliche podcast again. No, not just because I looked enormously fat last year, but because I have no close ups. Although, I ainít gonna lie; the Fat Ross is almost a good enough reason to re-shoot. No, I established a style of editing I like with wide shots cutting to close ups on greenscreen and I want consistency. That and weíre now using a much better camera with the Panasonic AF100, and our new and improved greenscreen too. Itís so much easier to key off the painted wall than the crappy construction paper we had a year ago.

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Posted on 2014/3/5 6:25:39

Did my guest speaking at the Upper Arlington High School yesterday. I love teaching. I say that a lot, but itís a very affirming vocation to me. I teach part time already and it never feels like enough. I donít intend to sound arrogant, but Iím a good teacher. Iím NOT a great filmmaker, as Iím probably passable at best, yet I do feel I am good at disseminating information in a way that is palatable and understandable to a majority when it comes to making movies.

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Posted on 2014/3/3 7:48:34

Got another Tech Tip for FRAMELINES finished. Shot at the same time as the last Sonnyboo Podcast, and knew exactly what I needed to do because it was basically the live presentation I did at the High School a few weeks ago.

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Posted on 2014/3/1 9:15:47

I have a few things to edit this weekend. How much of it I get to versus watching a movie marathon of some kind remains to be seen. I could watch the epic MILLENIUM TRILOGY, extended cut style and lose 9 hours. It might be a mini-Marvel Marathon with THOR-AVENGERS-THOR DARK WORLD. Or perhaps a genre film mashup of CABIN IN THE WOODS with a side order of BEASTMASTER and THE ROCKETEER. Work or enter a near vegetative state...too hard to guess.

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Posted on 2014/2/27 20:51:38

Finished another Sonnyboo Podcast, this one might cause some controversy. It isnít THAT controversial, but because people (like myself) think they are right on a very subjective concept, it will probably stir some pots. My intent was not to cause a stink, but I have a great deal of passion for my point of view and I expressed it in this podcast.

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Posted on 2014/2/24 9:35:47

Got my 2nd post to trend on REDDIT. Same image I used on FACEBOOK (exact, as in it is a link to the Facebook post). Itís a positive message about making movies from Kubrick himself, one I have believed in from before I ever heard it. Apparently, 90% of people agree with it.

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Posted on 2014/2/23 9:38:05

Feeling a bit more balance in life. Getting work done for myself in the midst of paid film/video work means a lot. Carving out time to watch movies or long form TV (not much different cinematically these days) too means I'm doing something right. Tack on domestic improvements, the semi-annual cleaning, and your faithful narrator has improved his disposition. If only my health would stay on board...

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Posted on 2014/2/22 8:22:38

Shot a new tech tip, a new Sonnyboo Podcast, and another segment of FRAMELINES, plus closed captioning on 2 more episodes, almost ready to deliver. All this excluding my paid work and teaching 3 classes this week. Oh, and I also finalized a new MOFA-FRAMELINES roundtable segment, uploaded now, controversy and all.

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Posted on 2014/2/19 9:57:51

I wish people would stop TALKING about support and actually SHOW it. Go to each others screenings. Hit the "like" button, the "♥" on Vimeo, or the Thumbs up on Youtube. Say something nice about someone's getting into a festival or winning an award. These simple, quick demonstrations of support have a tangible effect. Thereís nothing more full of shit than saying ďI donít have timeĒ because we all know the incredible amount of time it takes to click the mouse or the inconvenience of having a smartphone that can also be used anywhere anytime.

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Posted on 2014/2/17 23:25:32

I finished and released the new Sonnyboo Podcast and this one is hitting pretty well. Over 250 views in less than 24 hours makes me feel good. Even more so, the reaction to hit has been phenomenal. Well, that is outside of my own film community. Film forums in NYC, LA, Chicago, Florida, even in the UK - plenty to talk about, discussion started. Central Ohio? Crickets.

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