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Posted on 2014/10/16 12:18:28

Editing. Lots and lots of editing. From early in the morning into the wee hours of night, all I see are in and out points. Not a lot getting finished that isnít for a client. I need to focus down, finalize some of these things that have the most work.

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Posted on 2014/10/14 19:49:29

Damn. This newest Tech Tip (originally a Sonnyboo Podcast) took substantially longer to finish than I thought. I had to re-shoot inserts, re-record voice overs a 3rd time. My desire to make better works means sometimes scrapping what youíve got. I donít believe in ĎGood Enoughí, not anymore. SEE BELOW

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Posted on 2014/10/10 20:28:41

As the cold enters, my heart still warms. So much good happens to me right now. This weekend entails editing a lot of client material yet I am determined to get a lot of mine own stuff done too. The multicam demo readies itself it seems. The audio mixes are coming back in, sounding great. The editing by me is minimal as it is for anyone else in the world to cut together. I canít wait to see what people do with this.

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Posted on 2014/10/8 8:32:24

As I am preparing the next interactive FRAMELINES online tutorial, I get an email from someone. It says that they are student at FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY, and that they just got their editing assignment; they are editing my footage from the first FRAMELINES online tutorial. I have been using the footage in my college level course where I teach, but you knowÖ. itís my footage. I wasnít mentally prepared for other accredited schools to pick up on it too

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Posted on 2014/10/6 6:32:22

Epic failure to complete works I intended to do all weekend. I got some stuff shot, pickups and the like. At least when Iím not feeling the editing mode, I punish myself by doing a lot of other, non-creative work. I took apart a bookshelf to plug in a light. Re-arranged my home edit suite, installed a printer/scanner/copier, did laundry, and lots of feline-mood-enhancement therapy.

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Posted on 2014/10/3 19:31:51

Got 3 things shot last night. All in 6 hours to boot. I feel fantastic, if not exhausted. My obsessive-compulsive side is partially sated by getting shot some of the projects in the queue. Of course, shooting in my own living room didnít hurt, as in that took the least amount of permission of anywhere I could possibly shoot.

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Posted on 2014/9/28 16:53:37

FINALLY! Some time off, at least time off work for other people. This week I have no classes, absolutely minimal paid work. That means attacking a backlog of material shot but not edited. Starting with the latest SHORT TAKE (see below), and then the rest.

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Posted on 2014/9/25 6:41:08

Man, does this stuff keep trucking! I canít stop working, still for the cash money. Thatís not a bad thing, owning a house is expensive stuff. Iím yearning for some time to mine own self to get things finished in my personal repertoire. As it is, going to shoot several new things next week. Crew and everything scheduled for these.

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Posted on 2014/9/20 13:30:23

This wheel keeps turning. Iíve got a lot of writing done for the next few projects. From a few brand new SHORT TAKES for FRAMELINES (to go along with the other 6 already shot), the next few Sonnyboo Podcasts, and finalizing the next few Movie Clichťs as well. I love being productive in my creative side.

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Posted on 2014/9/17 15:47:27

My editing computer at home is in need of upgrading. Usually, every 2-3 years, I get a new machine that is roughly double the RAM and CPU power of the last one. Unfortunately, for over a year, things appear to be stagnating, at least where cost is concerned. I can double the juice, but at double the price. So I will have to make do with some minor upgradesÖ.

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Posted on 2014/9/16 8:03:12

Well, Sunday I did do my absolute minimal editing. It was something; a start if you will. I have barely begun to enjoy my new home. I have not read a word sitting in my library. Iíve only had a dozen people or so through here socially. And yet, I did hunker down and finish something small. Next up, some more ambitious post production and preparation for the next several shoots.

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Posted on 2014/9/14 9:38:34

Two days off in a rowÖ. I can barely remember what that felt like. Yesterday was making some adjustments to Rossland, all minor, capped off with a movie. Today will start with a movie, then diving head first into a series of backed up projects for myself. I plan on getting completely lost in time, into the editing where the rest of the world melts away and you become one with the footage, play with it until it needs to rest. That is what my plan is for today.

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Posted on 2014/9/10 17:50:25

Non-stop. Working all the time, playing around when I can. About to get a drop off of work, so hopefully that means getting to shoot more for myself, finish editing some of my projects, and then getting ready to rinse and repeat for weeks on end. Itís a pipedream, but a nice one.

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Posted on 2014/9/9 9:31:22

FINALLY! I got something edited since the move. It was only 36 seconds, but I got it done for me. Working in an hour or so of editing and animation that was what I wanted to do made a nice release of tension after over a month of life unraveling with the move, work, and teaching. Of course it just makes me hungrier to get to the rest of what I have shot and in need of editing...

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Posted on 2014/9/2 10:36:57

The Big Screen is mounted, in concrete behind the wall no less. Surround sound hooked up. And no time to enjoy it thoroughly yet. Working 2 jobs, 1 of which has a over-full time schedule, and still have a dozen or so boxes to unpack - mostly DVDís and Blu Rays, as well as books (on filmmaking). Itís like having a movie almost finished, but you donít have time to make the last edits.

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Posted on 2014/8/28 7:18:11

The world spins Ďround, and Iím just caught up in the winds, my droogies. Opportunities present themselves for personal and professional at the oddest times in the most unexpected places. I must be doing something right lest things good things would not keep happening for me.

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Posted on 2014/8/26 9:58:43

In the midst of this overwhelming project for the day job of making over 200 commercials, my mind wanders to the next project I have in store for myself. Making the 2nd interactive tutorial for FRAMELINES will satiate my need to do something and also get multiple ya-yaís yo-yoíd.

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Posted on 2014/8/24 8:27:58

In the midst of a colossal work project, and still living in boxes at my new house. I donít have time to breathe nonetheless finish a movie of my own right now. I have things I wish I could get to editing but alas twas not to be. At least not yet. After the big project, I will have plenty of time and no money left, so finishing my projects will be the only thing I CAN afford to do.

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Posted on 2014/8/19 19:30:27

Iíve had a little (teeny) amount of time to reflect on my weekend. As soon as I was handed my award for the Indie Film Hall of Fame, I bolted like lightening. The truth is, I was on the verge of a breakdown and just wanted to be on the road alone. So much has been going right, and this was icing on the cake. I barely kept it together during my blissfully brief acceptance speech (it was timed and was the shortest of the 5 inductees).

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Posted on 2014/8/17 18:30:56

The Indie Gathering in Cleveland rocks. I have had a great time this year, as I do every year. I met a lot of new people, saw some great films, sold a few DVDís and book or two. I ate the famed Marieís Pizza, and I got inducted into the ďIndie Film Hall of FameĒ, met Bob Kurtzman (the ďKĒ in KNB Effects right as heís leaving to work on the next Kevin Smith film).

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