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Posted on 2014/12/8 8:52:42

Hmmm. Contentment breeds not the need to create. Iíve had time to myself, a decent amount no less and all I can do is relax, sleep a lot, and read every chance I get. I sat in my library for hours at a time with two felines burrowing in for heat and near comatose behavior. Lest I forget, I have also been quite a bit more social. With humans, no less.

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Posted on 2014/12/2 9:27:10

What an odd time in my life this is! Iím truly getting happy. Not from external sources, as in no woman is making me happy (or miserable). Money doesnít bring me joy, nor does this jubilation come from anything other than waking up and feeling good about what I am and what I am doing. The last few years have led me here, to this place where I am content.

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Posted on 2014/11/26 9:32:21

A bit of a slowdown in terms of Sonnyboo output resulting from paid work and classes. This isnít a bad thing, as I like keeping my house and car, and I really really like eating. A lot, both in terms of volume of food particles and how much I enjoy the particles I intake. In the meantime, my mind has been creatively working through several problems (I hate buzzwords like ďchallengesĒ).

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Posted on 2014/11/20 7:37:47

People are funny things. So I put out the last Movie Cliche on TIME TRAVEL and the strangest reactions were people getting so angry at the idea to the most hilarious assumptions as to how I felt beyond the statements in the video itself. Rather than engage a whole lot, I just kinda watched and giggled a bit. My intent was not to troll, but rather that was a happenstance based on the crazy feedback.

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Posted on 2014/11/16 10:40:15

Finally got this set of very intense, albeit short computer generated animations for one of the podcasts clips. It took over a year because I needed a PC fast enough to handle some of the graphics I am creating. Yesterday just felt like the day to work on this.

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Posted on 2014/11/13 7:49:38

Still not a lot of editing done (for me, plenty for clients and then some). When you have 8-10 hours of content to edit, your schedule kinda goes out the window. I have been doing wacky schedules with morning classes, afternoons off to watch TV or movies, then editing during night time. I prefer this, especially squeezing enjoyment out of the last warm days of the year. What I have carved out time for is writing a new short script.

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Posted on 2014/11/10 8:50:15

Not a lot completed over the weekend. I just wasnít feeling the creative process. I wasnít frustrated, as I filled my time with social activities and housework. I installed an outdoor light all by myself. We painted the door frame and garage door. No, this is not as satisfying as doing something creative like writing or editing. Hopefully I can make up for this lost weekend during the week. Except I am teaching several days.

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Posted on 2014/11/6 9:35:47

Got a new edit system. I doubled my RAM, doubled the CPU, and moved my 10 terabytes of storage over. Upgraded to Adobe CS6, been sitting on the discs for this for a while. Itís working well for me and to be honest, the speed increase is noticeable when I do graphics and animations. Since I am about to tackle a few graphics intensive projects for myself, it times out well.

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Posted on 2014/11/2 8:27:11

I got to editing on the new Uncle Peteís Play Time clips, got 2 out of 3 cut. Already sent them off to the animator. Today will be working with the unfinished Movie Clichť segments too. More importantly, Iíve got a script in my head that is reaching what I call the fermentation point.

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Posted on 2014/10/30 9:13:10

Tuesday was a semi-day off. I had only clerical work. I purposely would not edit. No editing for 24 hours. Just wanted to clear my head, enjoy some music, a movie or two, ride my bike and a lot of cleaning around the house. Gotta tell ya, riding the bike first really did energize me for the rest of the day. I plan on doing more of that earlier when I can.

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Posted on 2014/10/27 12:12:23

The Interactive Multicam Project is now online . Whew! That was a long time coming. I am in a groove right now, just rocking it with edits and post production. Iím working seriously long days on political ads, including weekends and full days on Sundays. Still, I get home and start cutting away. Gotta get more done.

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Posted on 2014/10/21 20:37:27

At the end of a work day, especially doing editing, most people would go out to eat, maybe have a drink, watch a movie, maybe go on a date, or even bowling or some such. Me? I come home and edit some more. I have such a mountain of works I set before myself that I want to see done. It starts with clearing the queue of old projects.

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Posted on 2014/10/20 18:55:49

Almost done with the newest interactive tutorial. Been getting everything ready to unveil. Since we were on the greenscreen and shooting 4K anyways, I decided to make a video intro separate from the Tech Tip. The footage looks mostly good, and I will be happy to put this out into the world, both parts of it.

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Posted on 2014/10/19 8:32:05

An amusing anecdote on the movie theater. I went to see a double feature recently of THE JUDGE and GONE GIRL. Both were really great movies; nice to see adult dramas on the big screen again. GONE GIRL was very dark, original, and funny to me. I was very audible during the screening, hooting, hollering on occasion, and even howling with sinister laughs.

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Posted on 2014/10/16 12:18:28

Editing. Lots and lots of editing. From early in the morning into the wee hours of night, all I see are in and out points. Not a lot getting finished that isnít for a client. I need to focus down, finalize some of these things that have the most work.

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Posted on 2014/10/14 19:49:29

Damn. This newest Tech Tip (originally a Sonnyboo Podcast) took substantially longer to finish than I thought. I had to re-shoot inserts, re-record voice overs a 3rd time. My desire to make better works means sometimes scrapping what youíve got. I donít believe in ĎGood Enoughí, not anymore. SEE BELOW

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Posted on 2014/10/10 20:28:41

As the cold enters, my heart still warms. So much good happens to me right now. This weekend entails editing a lot of client material yet I am determined to get a lot of mine own stuff done too. The multicam demo readies itself it seems. The audio mixes are coming back in, sounding great. The editing by me is minimal as it is for anyone else in the world to cut together. I canít wait to see what people do with this.

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Posted on 2014/10/8 8:32:24

As I am preparing the next interactive FRAMELINES online tutorial, I get an email from someone. It says that they are student at FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY, and that they just got their editing assignment; they are editing my footage from the first FRAMELINES online tutorial. I have been using the footage in my college level course where I teach, but you knowÖ. itís my footage. I wasnít mentally prepared for other accredited schools to pick up on it too

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Posted on 2014/10/6 6:32:22

Epic failure to complete works I intended to do all weekend. I got some stuff shot, pickups and the like. At least when Iím not feeling the editing mode, I punish myself by doing a lot of other, non-creative work. I took apart a bookshelf to plug in a light. Re-arranged my home edit suite, installed a printer/scanner/copier, did laundry, and lots of feline-mood-enhancement therapy.

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Posted on 2014/10/3 19:31:51

Got 3 things shot last night. All in 6 hours to boot. I feel fantastic, if not exhausted. My obsessive-compulsive side is partially sated by getting shot some of the projects in the queue. Of course, shooting in my own living room didnít hurt, as in that took the least amount of permission of anywhere I could possibly shoot.

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