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Posted on 2016/12/26 9:30:46

And another year comes to a close. Iíve been so busy of late that there has been no time to digest the happenings of the past twelve months. I usually slow down this time of year, only to be filled with my own works of the less-paid type and that is not the case in 2016. Although I have made the time of late for some personal and FRAMELINES edits to complete.

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Posted on 2016/12/12 20:39:38

Holy cow, I have had one long week, that also is not letting up. Worked 3 jobs, got my FRAMELINES shoot done, and now I have been buried in greenscreen edits for one of the jobs until midday. I was awake every few hours to make sure I met the deadline. I directed a live gig and created some graphics for another project. Oh, and I have signed on to edit my 2nd short film for other people in 2 weeks.

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Posted on 2016/12/4 21:16:04

ďThe best laid plans of mice and men often go awryĒ as they say. I had scheduled my first short film shoot in a couple years for Wednesday and now I am on several large paid gigs, all in a single week. I refused to give up on the FRAMELINES shoot so I just rearranged it. This one is required to be shot ASAP, so Iím okay with this all, just a little disheartening to lose the other.

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Posted on 2016/11/26 19:24:26

What a productive week already! A clean and rewired/reorganized home edit suite, check. Bought a brand spanking new Laptop, hot rodded for editing and graphics, check. Booked some drone work, check. Academic enrollment, check. Sold old laptop, check. Three new shoots scheduled, check. Damn, a lot gets done when I need it to sometimes.

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Posted on 2016/11/22 9:33:39

Too much happens in so short a time. Still, the two possible directions of my future continue to loom before me and options on both roads present themselves. In the meantime I have managed to open the door on completing the two projects I really wanted to get done before the new year, a short film and also another Framelines Interactive Tutorial. I cannot believe how lucky I am sometimes.

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Posted on 2016/11/19 15:51:02

Time marches on. The mighty crossroads before me doesnít actually reveal which path I am to take. I keep getting closer and closer, yet one way is not more obvious than the other. This becomes a much bigger question. Who am I? Who do I want to become? Lately, big questions permeate every breath, every moment.

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Posted on 2016/11/10 8:47:40

My brother passed away last week. It has been a long, hard ten month ordeal. Sadly, I have been working for at least 3 different jobs most of the time and could not dedicate the time to my brother like I wish I could have. What I am doing now is preparing a simple slideshow with music for the service, something I have done several hundred times. This is different. The still images include myself, my family and focus on my brother. Itís an emotional torture to fixate on key frames and dissolve times when it rips my heart apart to stare at the screen.

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Posted on 2016/11/1 19:03:06

Ugh. Thatís what I can say right now. I am being pummeled by life and work. I either have too much or too little to do. And then there is the drone. Quadcopters are all the rage right now. Iím getting in a little late in the game, and I bought the January model, which apparently is already two generations old. Donít care, having a blast with this thing.

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Posted on 2016/10/22 12:43:18

I made a Drone video
for Youtube. I posted the first shot from it on Facebook during the 3rd presidential debate. Itwent crazy with my friends and peers, lots of likes and comments.

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Posted on 2016/10/9 10:34:20

Practice. Learning this drone stuff is hard. I just have to keep at it, keep flying it and shooting random things to get better at controlling it, the camera, and getting the shots. I have been busy, but not busy. My mind is both blank and occupied. What an odd stasis for my life to be in at the moment.

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Posted on 2016/9/25 17:12:26

So I got my own DJI Phantom 3 4K quadcopter drone. I love it. The images are amazing. This thing is easy to control, has some great features, and has will enter me into the zone of drone pilots and shooters. This kind of thing will become quite the tool for filmmaking too. I am always just floored at the perspective, the view that we normally cannot see or even consider.

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Posted on 2016/9/18 17:23:41

Things change. Sometimes like molasses, others like a flash of lightning. Already two weeks in on teaching at the new university. I like it there. Very good students, a really upscale facility. The students took pen to paper when I told them something was important. I had only experienced that maybe twice in almost 5 years at the old school. Aside from that, even more big changes are headed my way.

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Posted on 2016/9/8 16:38:14

Got offered a job teaching last night at a Columbus College and I started at 9:00AM this morning with a 3 hour lecture I pulled out of nowhere. Eh, not really nowhere, as I did teach the exact same thing for nearly 5 years somewhere else. I love teaching and these students took notes. Pen on paper, typing on laptops, they actually wrote things down. At my previous school that happened maybe twice.

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Posted on 2016/9/2 11:34:46

Started testing the new animations for Uncle Peteís Play Time and having a blast. I came up with some other practical applications for this new tool as well. Again, never in my life did I want to be a 2D animator, but this is just too delicious to pass up. I never want to stop learning all new things.

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Posted on 2016/8/25 19:47:02

Sonnyboo's Blog

Finished the first of three Uncle Peteís Play Time bits. One of the new clips is going to be animation heavy, as in the entire middle needs character animation and I was looking to farm that out. Since I upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud, I got every single one of their software applications and I accidently double clicked on one called ďCharacter AnimatorĒ which is now a part of After Effects.

And then I lost over 4 hours in a bottomless well of tutorials and videos on this softwareÖ.

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Posted on 2016/8/22 15:08:27

Sonnyboo's Blog

Got back from the INDIE GATHERING and had a great time. Kristina and Ray always put together an amazing festival and convention. Marieís Pizza was consumed and enjoyed. Back to the grind and I eased back into work on Monday, to a full work day on Tuesday, and now I am hammering away at a few things. On breaks from the paid work, I am animating something for the long gestating Uncle Peteís Play Time project.

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Posted on 2016/8/10 10:52:42

Sonnyboo's Blog

Two years. I have officially been living in Rossland for two years, owning my own home for the first time in my life. Much like 2014 in August, I am about to do the Indie Gathering International Film Festival and Convention. I will be moderating a few panels, selling my wares, and hanging out with show folk. All I have to do is get my work done in time to head north this weekend.

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Posted on 2016/7/31 17:38:36

The upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud (2015.3 - June 2016 edition) went okay. Had a few bumps, but now that itís installed, I will say I am seeing way significant speed increases thanks to the new graphics card. Being on the official CUDA list for Adobe means I am seeing drastic performance enhancement. And it immediately put me to work.

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Posted on 2016/7/22 20:25:46

The strangest thing happened to me at the gym today. I was swimming in the outdoor pool, which I have been doing a lot this summer. Iím extremely pale, so this is the most sun Iíve had since my family lived in El Paso, Texas in the 1980ís. Iím still very pale, just a slightly warmer shade of white. All that history aside, I had an epiphany while swimming. I started to count my strokes which bored me and I tried to make my mind stop focusing on that. In an instant, everything disappeared and a new short film came to me fully formed.

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Posted on 2016/7/19 9:27:47

Iíve been asked to speak at FilmDayton later this month. Iím prepping a presentation with powerpoint and videos. I did something similar in Cleveland a couple months ago, specifically on directing. Iím going to come up with something different, but hopefully interesting. I like these speaking engagements, although I havenít been doing them that often lately.

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