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Posted on 2014/1/11 14:13:54

Watched 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY last night. I had endeavored to explain it to a person under 25 a week or so ago and itís impossible. It means something different to everyone who watches it. What I got from it in this latest viewing was a simple message of a very complex concept. Also, the special effects (because they were optical effects, they are not Ďvisual effectsí as it has become in the industry today to differentiate effects done IN CAMERA as opposed to digitally) are miraculously relevant for a film nearly 50 years old.

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Posted on 2014/1/9 15:07:22

I am in an inexplicable good mood. Iím not going to question it, just go with it. Iíve got some projects in the queue getting worked on today and this weekend. More content to go live in no time. Life is a moment by moment roller coaster of highs and lows. Iím pretty sure this year will be someone more epic than the year before. I have many things in line to get done and I am motivated to make more movies.

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Posted on 2014/1/6 10:12:33

So this new season (or series as it is called in the UK) of Sherlock looks to be amazing. For the past 15 years or so, the UK has been setting the best trends in television. In the 1980ís British shows seemed to come from another planet. The language and humor were indecipherable to us in the colonies. As the greatest example, the 1999 TV series SPACED written and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson and directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead/Antman), showed a trendsetting that is unparalleled.

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Posted on 2014/1/5 7:29:36

Episode 17 (aka S2x04) of FRAMELINES all the way done for editing. The Sacred Editorial Dance of Completion was done to satisfy the gods of Adobe and Avid. The DVD gets handed off today for transcription. Using my handy Google Docs where I have extensive notes on what is shot, intended to be shot, and anything edited, and I have a comprehensive spreadsheet on the past, present, and future of FRAMELINES.

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Posted on 2014/1/4 7:18:52

At 41 (soon to be 42) years old, this is my Friday night: dinner = reheated pizza from lunch (not Marieís), driving in the icy cold weather for fresh cat litter, then the ultimate debate. Do I watch a movie or make a TV show? I opt for the creation of a new 30 minute episode of FRAMELINES.

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Posted on 2014/1/2 7:09:09

After three months of housing and feeding these two kittens, I finally placed them in a new home. It was gut wrenching to let them go, but I did it. I had even developed a new rule which was that they could not be separated and the lady Iíve bequeathed them to was willing to keep them together. It made my New Years Eve a pretty fallow night, even though I was surrounded by good people and a good time. How I dealt with day two was simple; I edited some of my own material.

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Posted on 2013/12/31 7:40:50

2013 is about to end. Eh, Iím getting less sentimental about time. Sometimes I like to look back at some statistics at the end of a year just to make sure I did accomplish something. What did I do in 2013? Both a lot and only a little. I set a bigger bar that was not met.

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Posted on 2013/12/29 10:03:58

Lordy do I feel better now. Still a little groggy and extra sleepy. Tomorrow will be a fun day to shoot. Greenscreen Uncle Pete and just discovering via improvisation what we get sounds like a fun day. Shooting with prime lenses and the Panasonic AF100 will yield really nice clean keys from the greenscreen. I may even try to go directly to the harddrive via HD-SDI if I have time to experiment with that and make it work before the talent arrives.

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Posted on 2013/12/27 8:00:01

Back to a 13 hour teaching day. At least I love the subject I teach; film and video. I can find inspiration in virtually any aspect of making a movie. Right now, getting into :30 Second Commercials and Music Videos represents one of the easiest modules to teach. I love me some commercials and the freedom of Music Videos to go abstract and still make sense.

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Posted on 2013/12/24 18:37:34

Still not 100% yet. The flu affects my energy level. I am more conscious than before. I can pay attention longer. Still canít move around as much and a shoot day sounds like it might kill me. Perhaps a greenscreen shoot; that doesnít sound too terrible on my system. Possibly even the long over due Uncle Peteís Play Time sequels.

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Posted on 2013/12/23 19:59:32

Getting sick sucks. I have a ton of catch up work to do, holidays to contend with, and availability of everyone dissipates like smoke in the air. My goals smashed against the wall of flu and shattered so I cannot get done this month what I set out to finish. It frustrates me, but no more than anything else. Iíve achieved a lot thus far in 2013.

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Posted on 2013/12/21 17:31:29

So Iíve gotten hit with a really bad case of influenza for over a week. Not only did this derails all of my shooting and editing plans, it has also cost me a ton of paid work. I could not teach and most definitely could not edit or do graphics work. Thatís the price of freelancing; no health insurance and no paid sick days.

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Posted on 2013/12/11 8:45:38

Things move slowly during this post Thanksgiving pre Xmas season. Everyone gets busy. Weather sucks. Our bodies still have the DNA that says to hibernate in the winter making it tough to stay motivated and active. Working on productions seems to fall to the wayside for many. Part of my plan is to get to do stuff that is smaller in scale, less people needed.

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Posted on 2013/12/10 9:05:51

Found a simple trick on some social media marketing. I donít want to double post yet I cannot keep track of all the new groups/forums I join. They added a search function so I can find out which ones have which videos. So I can increase my visibility. Both because of this alleged controversy of having yet another person obsessively posting about me, in the very same forums, and ignoring it, just to post more of the helpful and positive works seems to be greatly increasing the good responses.

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Posted on 2013/12/8 21:28:05

Got a simple, fun animation done last night. Itís somewhat cosmic and an homage to the great Stanley Kubrick. Mocking myself always seems to bring out the laughs. Not sure why people like seeing a fat guy do stupid things, but who am I to argue? Once the main animation gets done, I can release this long over due Movie Cliche. Although, I might re-record my greenscreen intro. Iím not thrilled with my delivery.

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Posted on 2013/12/7 18:30:51

Today was a day of rest. I watched two movies nearly back to back. X-Men Last Stand and the extended cut of The Wolverine. It was a good day. All of the cats were upon me at various points in time and a minimal hissing and/or fighting. Tomorrow will be a day of many preparations. Time to schedule some new shoots, plot out what goes where, and get things where they need to be.

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Posted on 2013/12/5 18:42:43

I really thought Iíd have more money before Iíd earn the ire of some psychotics. In this day and age, social media reveals to us people who will eventually cause tragedies like Newtown or Virginia Tech or the Dark Knight Rises shooting. Itís just such an odd thing to witness such blatant psychological disorders. Why I get to be the focus of such attention, I still donít get, but it happens. Whether itís a psychopathic homeless person leaving me messages or a crazed aquarium installer who thinks heís an international film reviewer, I am the center of their world.

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Posted on 2013/12/4 13:25:02

Hereís a vote for the Cloud. One of the upsides of being able to edit on any of 3 computers, 2 at the office and 1 at home (not even including the laptop that occasionally also edits). The project file gets updated but has to move from machine to machine. One of the most important updates to the edit got lost in the various revisions and I spent more time looking for this cut in If this existed on a Cloud account, the it wouldnít have gotten lost.

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Posted on 2013/12/3 9:37:27

Man am I chewing on this Element 3D plug in for After Effects. I have been using a cheap program called Ulead Cool 3D for creating bevel to 2D text and 2D logos for 13 years. This new plug-in renders it obsolete because I can use the lighting and 3D cameras within After Effects, plus the texturing will be vastly higher resolution, along with depth of field. Ah, this is a joy.

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Posted on 2013/12/1 10:54:52

Going back to the courthouse Monday morning. I will enjoy costing a scummy law firm a bit more money, especially knowing they will never get it back. My filings are ready, schedule clear, and your faithful narrator will put some cherries on top of what has been an amateur victory over the evils of our financial system.

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