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Posted on 2013/12/5 18:42:43

I really thought Iíd have more money before Iíd earn the ire of some psychotics. In this day and age, social media reveals to us people who will eventually cause tragedies like Newtown or Virginia Tech or the Dark Knight Rises shooting. Itís just such an odd thing to witness such blatant psychological disorders. Why I get to be the focus of such attention, I still donít get, but it happens. Whether itís a psychopathic homeless person leaving me messages or a crazed aquarium installer who thinks heís an international film reviewer, I am the center of their world.

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Posted on 2013/12/4 13:25:02

Hereís a vote for the Cloud. One of the upsides of being able to edit on any of 3 computers, 2 at the office and 1 at home (not even including the laptop that occasionally also edits). The project file gets updated but has to move from machine to machine. One of the most important updates to the edit got lost in the various revisions and I spent more time looking for this cut in If this existed on a Cloud account, the it wouldnít have gotten lost.

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Posted on 2013/12/3 9:37:27

Man am I chewing on this Element 3D plug in for After Effects. I have been using a cheap program called Ulead Cool 3D for creating bevel to 2D text and 2D logos for 13 years. This new plug-in renders it obsolete because I can use the lighting and 3D cameras within After Effects, plus the texturing will be vastly higher resolution, along with depth of field. Ah, this is a joy.

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Posted on 2013/12/1 10:54:52

Going back to the courthouse Monday morning. I will enjoy costing a scummy law firm a bit more money, especially knowing they will never get it back. My filings are ready, schedule clear, and your faithful narrator will put some cherries on top of what has been an amateur victory over the evils of our financial system.

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Posted on 2013/11/29 13:05:01

Got a new edit done and out there. This was a Tech Tip from 6 years ago that I forgot existed until the Sonnyboo Intern Army discovered it on an HD tape when digitizing for the car chase footage. And serendipitously, the tech tip was about the exact same car chase footage. Last weekend I put out the raw footage of the car stuff for anyone to download and practice editing. Now Iíve got an instructional video to go with it.

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Posted on 2013/11/28 2:04:27

Turkey Day. No interest. Iíve got so much work to do and I want to finish edits, add graphics, color correct, and animate words and images. Iím thankful that I have a roof over my head, enough money to buy the place, and a willingness to make that happen from all interested parties. Iím even more grateful for the friends and even strangers that have helped me along the way. If I were to die tomorrow, I feel somewhat more loved than I did a year ago and certainly more than 2 years ago.

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Posted on 2013/11/27 7:58:02

I canít get caught up. So much work and not enough time for mine own self. I want to work on my stuff more. Not a lot of money in it, but certainly fulfilling to create your own material. Iím still managing to slug through things, just not to the point of getting them finished.

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Posted on 2013/11/26 8:02:46

So my little half-baked idea to put some 6 year old raw footage online to let people practice editing turned out to be a bit more successful that I thought. The webstats for the FRAMELINES website usually gets about 100 or so unique views a day. Yesterday topped out at around 2,400 and the most re-posts of anything weíve ever done. I had no idea this would Ďclickí like this.

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Posted on 2013/11/25 7:57:21

Spent the entirety of my Sunday working on exports for myself and I helped a former student with her edit. Rossdonia used to be such a hub for filmmaking activity. All the time visitors arrived, worked and left. Sometimes interns working on the volunteer feature film post production process on other peopleís movies I wanted to help see to completion or people sans an editing station would come over and cut their projects. I like my peace and quiet these days, but I will never stop feeling that philanthropic impulse.

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Posted on 2013/11/24 9:03:49

Working on creating this online interactive editing tutorial. Prepping all the raw footage for export for the web. Decided to watermark the shots so they canít be used as free stock footage. Iím still formulating the exact plan on how to implement this. I need to name the shots in specific way to go along with an EDL and also make it free form so that people can entirely edit this their own way.

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Posted on 2013/11/23 7:57:35

Getting back to work, making things, feels better. I havenít been in a state of creation like this in a long time. I think this is what I was put on this Earth to do. The past is prologue, the future ahead. Aside from some blood leaking out of my arm and some stomach pains, I feel absolutely freakiní fantastic.

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Posted on 2013/11/21 9:19:15

Gonna shoot a new podcast video soon. Might delay a week if I get sick(er). Thus far in my first week of slow down, Iím still moving at a few million miles an hour. Not a lot of free time, not as much self-editing as hoped for. I can find the time soon, as the holidays open up a lot of chances to get work done. Keeping my head down, staying busy. If thatís all there is, this ainít too terrible a life to live.

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Posted on 2013/11/20 15:38:23

So thereís a big brouhaha on the Book of Face. One guy publicly posted about a bunch of private stuff that happened between him and someone else, which spiralled into a few other people and what THEY did too. Now everyoneís mad. And our film community is being out in the mix.

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Posted on 2013/11/20 5:54:09

Today will be an odd day from start to finish. Got most of my work caught up for clients. Got some business to take care of early in the A.M. Then a stop by the office to do some work for mine own self, then home to do even more edits for me. in between, mailing some DVDís for a film festival submission. Then possibly movie night with a friend.

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Posted on 2013/11/18 6:41:54

A relaxing weekend. Low pressure, only tinkered a little with edits, did a lot of cleaning and preparation. This week appears on the horizon to be a low key, get-a-lot-done-on-my-own-projects kind of week. Weirdly, I have a list of things to do, all of them hold my interest, and my only problem is getting to a longer term schedule - the ultimate goal line.

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Posted on 2013/11/17 8:07:47

Got a lot of prep work done for the next few edits. This weekend was supposed to be about time off, reorganization and cleaning of my world. I did some of that, but mostly I wrote out a plan of attack and reviewed footage. I had a ton of HD raw footage I had the inclination to repurpose. On one of these tapes, I discovered something heretofore unseen since it was shot. I have an all new tech tip for Framelines that I had absolutely no recollection of shooting in 2007.

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Posted on 2013/11/16 8:07:03

Here we go. A decent stretch of time and Iím in the mood to get some serious work done for mine own self. Not entirely my time, as I do (thankfully) have some paid work to get done, but at least Iím not being inundated with a flurry of work and classes all at once. I have stockpiled a ton of footage in need of edits, tweaks, re-edits, and animation to be animated, etc. First, the weekend off for the most part.

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Posted on 2013/11/15 7:28:30

Officially fried. Crispy on the outside and charcoal black on the inside. Not the best feeling, but far from the worst. This weekend will get to some of my own stuff, but also a lot of cleaning due to a house guest spending the night Sunday. FINALLY get to use the guest bedroom for a guest that isnít feline. Maybe I will also have found a way to properly mount a GoPro camera to a cat by then too.

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Posted on 2013/11/14 7:52:19

Started the new edit of the last Movie Cliche. Will take a little bit oí time but not a lot. I have no idea how Iíll market the re-do. Maybe alternate version, maybe replace it entirely, but nothing definite yet. I donít mind undoing what Iíve gotten out there if itís a better product. Weíll see after the new cut.

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Posted on 2013/11/13 7:32:34

Time. Itís nothing more than a measurement of things moving through space. Yet we put such an emphasis on it, like our lives depend on time. We mark time with the Earthís rotation in concert with its rotation around the sun. Whenever we think we have mastered time, we lose it. We often want more time or time to stand still, but it never works any way except the ever consistent march forward. I accept the consistency and infuriating reliability of time. Knowing when yours has run out means dealing with this reality.

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