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Posted on 2013/10/20 6:58:34

Boy oh Boy, screening movies again this month and getting Marieís Pizza. It will be a good day. Going to hit the gym before the festivities. Gotta earn them carbs. Got a lot of prep work done on some DVD burning, delivery of shows to various outlets, and soon to get going on finalizing a new episode of FRAMELINES. Along with the end of some paid edits, Iím doing okay with my workload.

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Posted on 2013/10/19 7:56:41

Trying to edit yesterday posed an interesting problem. Itís hard to stay focused on the job when youíre bleeding so much your jeans get a red stain. Thinking about in and out points gets pushed out of your brain as you worry about running out of bandages, which I did and had to go home to edit, which lead to an impromptu nap session after washing out a wound, disinfecting it and re-wrapping it. I was light headed and fell on my stairs, so I decided a little sleep was in order. My life kinda sucks right now, but Iím rediscovering my sense of humor.

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Posted on 2013/10/18 7:51:39

Iíve been binge watching the TV series CASTLE. Weirdly, I donít like it but I canít stop watching it. Itís that type of show where they place the emphasis on the Mystery of the Week over the never ending, incredibly unfulfilling sexual tension between the two leads. The producers/writers clearly applied the lessons learned from MOONLIGHTING and wanted to throwback to that show and prolong the payout of a relationship for as long as possible. By now, weíve all learned that once you give up that tension, the show generally dies.

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Posted on 2013/10/17 8:03:18

What an odd contradiction of physical and emotional responses I have at the moment. Iím burned out and inspired at the exact same time. I have things I need to do, want to do, and finishing them feels both good but just opens the door to the rest of what is left undone awaiting me. And yet I am working to finish all these video projects on my plate. I cannot NOT do them.

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Posted on 2013/10/16 8:23:36

Going to try a new approach to a couple shoots coming up. Iíve got another greenscreen podcast shoot I wrote last night. The previous two did pretty well, so I think more things like that are in order. They are quick to shoot, quick to edit, play with After Effects a bit, then upload and done. The fact that these are semi-educational helps me justify.

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Posted on 2013/10/15 7:20:11

Had a bad experience burning a Blu Ray. Trying to make the Cell Phone Monologues festival 1080p disc and it crapped out with the ISO file. So I guess I have to make it in Adobe Encore and no where else. Hmmm. I have a small tolerance for technical difficulties right now. Those are riddles I derive little pleasure from solving at the moment. Still, I solved it.

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Posted on 2013/10/14 7:45:37

I have some big decisions to make soon. Each directions is fraught with peril, upsides and downsides, but always with risk. Neither option has an immediate change; both will take a year or two to come to fruition after long periods of work. Contrary to some, I am a very patient man. I just have to choose the road and stay on it for a long while.

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Posted on 2013/10/13 7:47:23

Plotting my movie moves for the next year or so. Structure keeps me focused, on track, and even superficial goals help projects see the goal line. Not to score points against anyone else, but to succeed in and of themselves. The past three days have been a throwback to some of my most productive times. Near non-stop DVD encoding, blu ray burning, contacting people about work, and forgetting about time or anything except the work.

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Posted on 2013/10/12 7:20:45

Some days you just relish accomplishing a lot, you know? Put together another 30 minute episode of Clip Frames. Got more segments edited for FRAMELINES. Yesterday totally made up for a lot of lost time. The Sonnyboo Intern Army was hard at work with preliminary edits and DVD duplication. Worked on two client projects and just plain got a lot done.

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Posted on 2013/10/11 7:37:49

What a waste of a week this has been. With all the time away from teaching, and a minimal edit week, I got so little done and I donít even feel particularly well rested or mentally relaxed. Iíve watched a couple movies, edited a few short things for myself, and laid some episodes to tape with Closed Captions, but overall - no where near the amount of work I intended to do.

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Posted on 2013/10/10 8:14:04

In about a week, things will start really going my way. Life takes turns we donít expect, sometimes for good, others for ill. A giant weight will be not only taken off my shoulders, but thrown pretty far away from me. Will this shift into positivity help invigorate the creativity? Who knows?

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Posted on 2013/10/9 7:49:04

Yesterday was exciting for me. Spending all day at the courthouse, filing motions, and researching case information. Today, I send out a bunch of legal notices and wait for the fireworks show. I love going into research mode, making the law work for me. It will be a David versus Goliath tale where David wins again. I didnít even need to get an attorney; did everything myself. For $20 in filing fees and $1.20 in copies, I am about to do some serious legal damage methinks.

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Posted on 2013/10/8 7:41:36

I feel like hell. Iím worn down, tired, and sick. Bleeding from a few places, but overall, still okay attitude-wise. Iím countering the crippling depression and loneliness with completing various projects and the euphoria that comes with that. Kinda balances out, especially since Iím sleeping a little better.

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Posted on 2013/10/6 7:21:27

FRAMELINES got featured with which is cool because Iíve been using their cool videos in my classes on the history of Aspect Ratios and Effects. They are producing videos at a level I am aspiring to reach. The global reach of communication boggles my mind even now. Iíve been online for 20 years at this point, still holding on to my original Hotmail email from 1992 as well. I like experiencing the wonderment of something taken for granted like how information gets transferred so fast so far.

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Posted on 2013/10/5 7:31:35

Gonna do a double feature at the theater with my free AMC gift card I won from the Westerville Film Festival. After that, Imma gonna edit another tech tip and finalize another roundtable segment for FRAMELINES. After that, more swimming and weights at the gym. Then I will most likely pass out from exhaustion and sleep like a baby.

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Posted on 2013/10/4 8:27:10

FINALLY, looks like things will be slow enough the next week or so to get caught up on sleep, movies, and personal editing. National ad campaign finally wrapped up. Got several of the paid edits finished and uploaded for the client. Got several things on deck; picking one to start will be hard.

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Posted on 2013/10/3 8:24:50

I have several edits left to finish, both paid and unpaid. Trying to knock everything out one at a time, or hitting each one for a short time and switching between them; either option isnít making this go faster. I do already have about 6-7 things edited and done that didnít get proper marketing from my month away from Facebook. The question is, how long do you wait in between each clip before promoting the next? A few days, one a week, or all at the same time?

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Posted on 2013/10/2 14:24:01

I was reminded yesterday of a family incident. 2 years ago my parents had their 50th Wedding Anniversary. My sisters felt obligated (via guilt) to take charge of the party and arrangements. There was a lot of time and thought put into things like food, decorations, invitations, etc. What did I bring to the table? A video of course. What the hell else would I come up with other than what I do for a living?

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Posted on 2013/10/1 6:24:22

Went back on Facebook and my main concern was marketing. I have a monthís worth of videos that went unpromoted. Started with one video from the Movie Cliches series that I finished a couple weeks ago. In one day, a little over 120+ new views. Facebook is effective, but simultaneously, the latest TECH TIP from FRAMELINES went up on both Youtube and Vimeo. I added it to a few groups and in 1 day, by no work of my own it went to over 1,300 views on Vimeo and only 100 views on Youtube. Of course thereís no revenue sharing or cash on Vimeo, but that never mattered to me much. I donít make the educational videos to make money.

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Posted on 2013/9/30 7:01:34

A couple hours and Iím back in the Book of Face. Hmm. What did I learn? WOW, this virtual world has replaced so much actual human interaction, it terrifies me. Other than that, No, I wasnít nearly as productive per se. I did get caught up on a lot of movie watching, which is good. I did do a few quick shoots and line up some good editing too. It seems life gets in my way more than Facebook. I spent too much time in the medical system this month and no one knew because I refused to renege on my deal.

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