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Posted on 2013/10/6 7:21:27

FRAMELINES got featured with which is cool because Iíve been using their cool videos in my classes on the history of Aspect Ratios and Effects. They are producing videos at a level I am aspiring to reach. The global reach of communication boggles my mind even now. Iíve been online for 20 years at this point, still holding on to my original Hotmail email from 1992 as well. I like experiencing the wonderment of something taken for granted like how information gets transferred so fast so far.

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Posted on 2013/10/5 7:31:35

Gonna do a double feature at the theater with my free AMC gift card I won from the Westerville Film Festival. After that, Imma gonna edit another tech tip and finalize another roundtable segment for FRAMELINES. After that, more swimming and weights at the gym. Then I will most likely pass out from exhaustion and sleep like a baby.

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Posted on 2013/10/4 8:27:10

FINALLY, looks like things will be slow enough the next week or so to get caught up on sleep, movies, and personal editing. National ad campaign finally wrapped up. Got several of the paid edits finished and uploaded for the client. Got several things on deck; picking one to start will be hard.

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Posted on 2013/10/3 8:24:50

I have several edits left to finish, both paid and unpaid. Trying to knock everything out one at a time, or hitting each one for a short time and switching between them; either option isnít making this go faster. I do already have about 6-7 things edited and done that didnít get proper marketing from my month away from Facebook. The question is, how long do you wait in between each clip before promoting the next? A few days, one a week, or all at the same time?

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Posted on 2013/10/2 14:24:01

I was reminded yesterday of a family incident. 2 years ago my parents had their 50th Wedding Anniversary. My sisters felt obligated (via guilt) to take charge of the party and arrangements. There was a lot of time and thought put into things like food, decorations, invitations, etc. What did I bring to the table? A video of course. What the hell else would I come up with other than what I do for a living?

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Posted on 2013/10/1 6:24:22

Went back on Facebook and my main concern was marketing. I have a monthís worth of videos that went unpromoted. Started with one video from the Movie Cliches series that I finished a couple weeks ago. In one day, a little over 120+ new views. Facebook is effective, but simultaneously, the latest TECH TIP from FRAMELINES went up on both Youtube and Vimeo. I added it to a few groups and in 1 day, by no work of my own it went to over 1,300 views on Vimeo and only 100 views on Youtube. Of course thereís no revenue sharing or cash on Vimeo, but that never mattered to me much. I donít make the educational videos to make money.

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Posted on 2013/9/30 7:01:34

A couple hours and Iím back in the Book of Face. Hmm. What did I learn? WOW, this virtual world has replaced so much actual human interaction, it terrifies me. Other than that, No, I wasnít nearly as productive per se. I did get caught up on a lot of movie watching, which is good. I did do a few quick shoots and line up some good editing too. It seems life gets in my way more than Facebook. I spent too much time in the medical system this month and no one knew because I refused to renege on my deal.

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Posted on 2013/9/29 7:10:10

One more day and Iím back to Facebook. I donít think it will be exactly the same for me. It has its value, but it ainít worth the emphasis put on it. Facebook does not replace actual human contact, or at least it shouldnít. Because of work issues and going back to teaching, I was not super productive per se, at least not at anything outside of working a long, hard job that was on my plate. I did sneak in a couple little shoots and get some other things accomplished, but little of it was for me personally.

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Posted on 2013/9/28 11:59:13

Well, Iím now booked to teach a class at the very time I intended to have a little get together celebrating my return to Facebook. And I canít get online to cancel it. Oh well. At least I finally got to look at the footage from Thursday and it looks great. Luckily in focus since I could barely see and far more interesting was the exposure since I was aiming for a seriously moody, dark look. I was terrified I underexposed and all weíd see are black blobs moving across the screen.

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Posted on 2013/9/27 7:41:05

Yesterdayís shoot was fun. Interns got the crap kicked out of them by a girl, I shot a lot of footage, got everything I needed to finish 2 new FRAMELINES clips, and I uploaded a ton of commercials. Then I taught a class. in between, got some of my finances in order and the future of NEW ROSSDONIA was secured. All in all, not a bad day.

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Posted on 2013/9/26 6:52:43

Gonna get a couple shoots in today. Iím remaking some old videos from the HORRORS OF WAR educational vids. Those were done in standard definition, plus used the movie for examples of concepts. I want to custom shoot scenarios to make the examples more original and unique. Several of my interns will be beaten by a girl too, so thatís never a bad thing. Torturing interns remains my favorite past time.

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Posted on 2013/9/25 7:26:34

Because I obsess over things like webstats, I stumble upon links to what I do in the strangest of places. Iím always blown away when I see the instructional videos being used at actual educational institutions. Last night I found the 180 Degree Rule being used in the curriculum by the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. Mostly these get linked by community colleges and high school media programs, which is what I aimed for. I was once even referenced in the blog of the editing professor at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA which is a huge deal for me. Especially since I only get paid tiddly winks to teach right now.

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Posted on 2013/9/24 7:19:42

Breaking my rule of no buying of Blu Rays with IRON MAN 3 today. Love the movie, have all the Marvel movies, so this is a no brainer, plus I know Iím going to watch it more than once. I wonít even buy any bargain blu rays anymore. Not until the stack gets finished. Itís tough to watch movies when I teach night classes 3 nights a week. Thereís no free time.

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Posted on 2013/9/23 7:34:34

I guess I could blog about the flaws of the American medical system. Or complain that I feel far worse the day after leaving the hospital. Or that I got a literal bandaid to deal with a life threatening problem because my life wasnít being threatened at the exact moment I was in the emergency room. Or I can write about something more Ďupí. How about Breaking Bad last night?

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Posted on 2013/9/21 7:52:22

So today Iím checking myself into the hospital. The infections reached a lymph node and a fever started, so letís just say Iím not doing well and thereís not a lot of debate as to the seriousness of where my body is taking me. No one needs to force me to go. Iím gonna head in as soon as I verify the big job is finished as I had to ask several other people to kick in and help see it done before I disappear into the medical system for a day or two. And tack on a serious attack of gout in the big toe too.

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Posted on 2013/9/20 8:34:13

Got the two shoots done yesterday. Quick lighting setup, dolly rigged up and some practice runs of the pan and move. Hammered through this entirely improvised bit of video and it was done. Did one thing for FRAMELINES and another video blog that will provide some content filler for the web. I like getting more work done, even when itís small and unimportant to anyone but me.

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Posted on 2013/9/19 7:10:25

Wrapping up this giant client project is taking forever. I thought it would be done before now, so I took on two classes this week to teach. Good lord, combine that with MRSA kicking my ass, and your faithful narrator feels much like the poo of a sick goat with an intestinal infection. I canít sleep, canít concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time, and Iím bleeding all over the place like Iím menstruating. Ainít life grand sometimes?

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Posted on 2013/9/18 8:25:10

Working and two classes to teach at the same time. It makes for stress and a side order of additional stress. Teaching requires being ďonĒ, as in I feel like I expend a spiritual energy and let it emanate from my pores and burns like a light. Making sure that the information gets disseminated means the world to me. Whatís the point if someone doesnít understand the concept youíre trying to teach?

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Posted on 2013/9/17 7:03:36

Taught a brand new class, plus it was my first day back after nearly a month off from the school. I exorcised some demons, as I made fun of myself more often than not. Strangely that felt good. Teaching makes me feel great. Sharing a passion I have for the subject matter reinvigorates me. I do everything I can to inspire people. I succeed more than I fail in that regard when it comes to film/video.

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Posted on 2013/9/16 2:42:18

Got to Wadsworth, my old hometown, on schedule. Dropped off some DVDís to the local TV station, ate Marieís Pizza, and went to the park that was once the wild, untamed world I used to call ďThe WoodsĒ. Thank god Iíve gotten in much better shape, as I traipsed through the brush and went off-trail like a 12 year old.

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