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Posted on 2013/4/25 17:16:59

I was distraught a few days ago, my emotional state weakened by the work overload and stress. Perchance I saw something I should not have seen. I read a story posted on the Internet that caused me to become somewhat enraged, almost Hulking out Jack Kirby style. I know better than to look, but my eyes were drawn in, mostly due to irony.

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Posted on 2013/4/24 7:11:18

Soon. Soon I will have my new ultra comfortable new couch and then I will feel as though a soft velvety gloved hand is cupping my buttox as I watch movies on my enormous TV. I printed out a picture of the couch and taped it to the bottom of my monitor as inspiration to get through this long hour job. Itís nearly impossible to sit and watch a movie at home in anticipation of the new seating/tension removal therapy device.

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Posted on 2013/4/23 11:04:40

Itís a safe bet to say I have a bit of the obsessive-compulsive thing. My mind gets stuck in a loop and I focus on one thing over and over until it is complete. This gives an advantage to my employers, but doesnít do so good on my health and personal life. When I put a project, especially a paid project in front of myself, I have a hard time doing anything else until it is complete. If I try to take time away from it, all that happens is that I think about it anyways which makes the time away pointless.

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Posted on 2013/4/21 14:40:42

This is the first chance I've had to even peek at the internet in days. Good lord I feel like I just got hit by a Mack truck. Doing multiple 18 hour days on a national ad campaign with a tight deadline does no favors for eating right, exercising or sleep. At least it will come through in the form of cash money. I can put a few things to rest financially and gear up for the future. Here come a few shoots to wash it all down....

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Posted on 2013/4/15 20:49:20

I donít know what I hate more; what happened today in Boston or the way it is reported by the news. I have so little respect for the modern day media outlets. 24 hour news cycles require repetition and an unending parade of opinions and uneducated guesses - they have to fill that time after all, and the sponsors want to see higher ratings so they can reach more people. Advertised based Ďnewsí is the worst idea in modern history.

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Posted on 2013/4/13 11:30:53

Slogging away at this job. This is a gig weíve done twice a year for the last 7 years. The average number of commercials we output is about 150-160. We have almost 600 spots that have to be done in the same amount of limited time. In the last 18 we have had a drastic change from dubbing these all to BetaSP and shipping them fed ex. Today, they are 100% uploaded in HD via FTP servers. Youíd think that was quicker, but the file sizes and choke hold is a single ISP, so we have to head out with portable hard drives and upload like mad at several locations.

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Posted on 2013/4/11 20:08:14

Working hard, making the cash money, and enjoying the nice weather. Iíve taken to reading whilst sitting on my bed with the window open for an hour, day or night. The world is a wonderful and amazing place. Life is worth living to the fullest right now. Getting things lined up to shoot and edit just makes a delicious entree out of the whole meal that is my life right now.

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Posted on 2013/4/9 20:17:34

Trying to lose weight sucks! 7 days in a row going for walks ranging from 1-4 miles and Iím not getting any better. I thought Iíd have lost, like 40 pounds already! At least I feel like Iím Ďearningí my pizza and chicken fingers (fried and slathered in honey mustard). In a weird way this is like being Ďin trainingí to do more shoots and be on my feet a lot more during the moviemaking. I plan on making a lot of material in the next few months. I also hope to survive the experience.

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Posted on 2013/4/8 20:40:34

Knee deep in an enormous client project. This means long days, repetitive processes, and some degree of financial security. Twice a year we do this gig and every time I get immersed. What I canít forget is the boys. Before, there was someone home to feed them if I needed to stay overnight at the studio and work. Not anymore, but I have a system to deal with that.

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Posted on 2013/4/6 15:39:56

In the middle of a time sensitive, high pressure deadline for paid editing work - what do I do to relax? Go to a movie? No. Watch TV? No. Have a few drinks with friends? No. I edit a video for FRAMELINES. Thatís what I was yearning to do to relax from editing. Itís official, I have a problem. Obsessive-Compulsive indeed, at least itís productive and helpful.

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Posted on 2013/4/4 9:34:20

Got a picture lock last night on the latest Cell Phone Monologue. This was somewhere between working for a client and working for myself. I didnít write this or produce this, so I felt very much I was working FOR someone, not myself, but as always I will have my opinions. Luckily, we were all on the same page and very little was changed. I love when I feel like I Ďgot ití for what someone else intended. Tack on a little After Effects motion tracking for a seemingly innocuous effect - one that emotionally makes it worthwhile.

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Posted on 2013/4/2 16:41:56

I got a check today from Youtube. It was for over a few hundred dollars for last month. I hadnít noticed (nor had I been looking), but it seems that the viral hits of my HOW TO DEAL WITH TELEMARKETERS series has some kind of bump as well as the hits for a certain series of phone calls I recorded have seriously made me some cash money.

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Posted on 2013/3/31 8:40:22

The last few weeks have been great. Iíve gotten so much work done on so many fronts. Whether itís finalizing TV shows, writing for a webseries, and even getting my home in order; your faithful narrator has been on track. Nothing can deter me right now.

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Posted on 2013/3/26 11:11:05

I love it when a plan comes together and actually works the way itís supposed to. Aside from a very inconvenient avalanche of snow on the ground, Iím chipping away at my workload I created for myself. Time is precious to me, now more than ever. I wasted so much of it in the past few years. Mitigating factors create a sense of urgency to everything I want to get done. Thatís not to say Iím willing to proceed if the quality of the work wonít be at the bar I set.

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Posted on 2013/3/23 17:49:56

The Sonnyboo Intern Team got the studio cleaned and organized. We have a lot of media carts lying around, all being misused as catch-alls for whatever. Now they have specific functions and purpose. Also setup a portable deck-rack with digibeta, 3/4", and D2 decks.

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Posted on 2013/3/20 20:34:09

Got another MOVIEMAKING TECHNIQUE done. I had a really light week in terms of teaching, as opposed to next week when I have NO days of teaching. The timing couldnít be more perfect. Iíve got some paid work and a lot of Non-Paid work to complete in that time, as well as a little doctorís appointment.

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Posted on 2013/3/19 11:05:34

I plan on getting a whole lot completed this week. Now that my teaching schedule slowed down, time to get on a list of projects. I have a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive, so I make lists, then try to scratch off items from the list. Weirdly, I donít go from top to bottom, but rather a hard then an easy one, and find something in between, and just chip away at the list from all sides.

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Posted on 2013/3/18 11:32:02

No movies seen at the theatre. Minimal editing done. Lots of feline distractions. Talked extensively to my lawyer friend. Tiled the kitchen. This was my weekend in a nutshell. At least I started getting a lot of much needed rest.

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Posted on 2013/3/16 8:37:28

Overall, still jamming and happy. Much like a chicken nugget, Iím fried on the edges. Although it is the weekend, teaching a lot during the week means there are no days off on the weekend. Thereís some part of the psyche that permeates an attitude that - even though I enjoy the editing - and even more revel in the completion of anything - that I do not feel 'rested'. If I don't get some time away from all of it, just relax and not work my brain, I just donít sleep well.

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Posted on 2013/3/13 15:29:44

Big decisions to make. So much going on, that my iPhone is barely keeping up with my schedule. What I really need is an army, a Sonnyboo Army. Iím up to 4 interns right now. Iíve created a whole slew of new work for them, even simple things, but work that needs doing. I found the secret to be creating template style work, so I create the basic format, and just have them use that to create content, like sample images and filling in titles, etc.

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