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Posted on 2013/7/15 20:30:58

Every single day a new challenge (or 6) presents itself to me. Life tests me. I just made this vow, you know. I said I wanted to be a better man, and the universe sees fit to put that up against tidal wave after wave. Iím still standing. If I havenít hit my limit yet, my lord Iím finding out how much I can take.

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Posted on 2013/7/14 22:45:54

On occasion, I do get random emails about the first feature film HORRORS OF WAR, aka NAZI ZOMBIES aka DEADMAN SOLDIERS aka ZOMBIES OF WAR, and possibly WORLD WAR ZOMBIES. I keep finding out about new releases, VOD screenings, and DVD art from people online - please note, NOT from our sales agent. Not the best way to find out about your own movie that you conceived of, co-wrote, produced, co-directed, and co-edited.

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Posted on 2013/7/14 6:59:55

Some days my patience is tried to its very limits. I hate dealing with the irrational and idiotic of this world. I get so frustrated, trying as hard as I can to do the right thing, to be a better man, only to have my efforts tossed aside in favor of unjustified malice and stupidity. Want to know what saves the day - EVERY SINGLE TIME? Love. Something so simple, so beautiful. I love my cats. I love what I do for a living. I love my friends. Even with all of its flaws I love life.

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Posted on 2013/7/13 7:34:22

Last night at karaoke, I was approached by someone I had never met, who had been an avid reader of this blog. Talk about a surreal experience. Nice person she was, but I keep forgetting that ANYONE can read this. I write for an audience of under 7 people that I know well. I would think this is either the most techie boring blog that ever existed or itís the most insider-donít have a clue thing for an outsider to read. Why are you reading this now? My allegedly witty solicitations that NEVER EVER match the content?

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Posted on 2013/7/12 11:54:34

Another GOOD habit reforming in my realm. Iím starting to help on other peoples projects. Whether volunteering to edit or do colour correction, giving a place to edit or shoot, getting back to the more generous side of things remains important to me. Iíve been in hibernation so long that I need to get back to doing this kind of pay it forward mindset.

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Posted on 2013/7/11 7:21:20

Damn, I am failing in my mission to watch more movies. It is important to watch classic movies to see the styles of the past, and current films to experience what connects to the audiences of today. Iíve been way more into television shows. From THE WIRE to DEXTER to FUTURAMA, the broad range of effective TV just has a bit more bang, plus Iím not as particular about my surround sound and theatrical experience for shows.

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Posted on 2013/7/10 11:46:37

Years ago, at the rise of the Internet as it appears today, I was something of a promotional whore. The double edged sword was that it alienated some people and brought awareness to many for the projects. The misconception permeated that I was arrogant, which isnít entirely untrue, but my main goal was always to get the work seen by as many people as possible. Today I am trying to return to form sans the ego.

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Posted on 2013/7/9 12:29:13

Season Two of FRAMELINES has already started to ramp up. A few new stories have come up, a whole lotta Tech Tips in the works, and I already have skeleton timelines of 7 new episodes started. I find it motivating to have real tangible deadlines, and with airdates looming; I got tighter deadlines than normal.

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Posted on 2013/7/8 16:30:44

I am really hoping to get back to this documentary I was working on. The story is the most compelling, most important subject matter I ever got near. Itís about a holocaust survivor we interviewed a few years ago. Since the interviews are all shot and even a rough cut exists, this is one of those projects begging to be finished. I hate hate hate leaving stones unturned, so I want to see this one to the goal line. Iíve tried to pick it back up a few times, but this is different. I have a limited amount of time and doors have opened up to do something special for distribution.

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Posted on 2013/7/7 9:52:57

Hmmm, tried to pick up this shot last night. The slider dolly, although really cool, cannot get the shot I want. That means going back to get this shot again with a real dolly on track. I do not want to compromise. ďGood EnoughĒ are not words I want to live by. Who really aspires to ďGood EnoughĒ? When you order a meal or watch a movie, are you really looking for ďGood EnoughĒ? Iíve accepted ďGood EnoughĒ far too many times and it is reflected in the work when I did.

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Posted on 2013/7/5 10:50:28

Shoot got rained out this morning. Disappointing, but not devastating. I really wanted to finish this short today. Alas, it was not meant to be. Luckily, I have such a mountain of work before me that if work is to be a distraction from woes, I may never have time to lament unless I choose to. I choose work.

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Posted on 2013/7/4 16:30:28

In Poland at Aushwitz I remember seeing this sign over the gates, a most horrifying lie, but in the context of my own life it rings true - WORK SHALL SET YOU FREE. Sometimes I feel like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, a magician manipulating colors and pictures and sound into something special. Iím editing on the 4th of July. What I want to do most in life is make movies.

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Posted on 2013/7/2 18:56:47

Sound mix is done on the next Cell Phone Monologue! Magnetic Studios kicked in and did an amazing job sweetening the audio and bringing out the best. George Lucasí oft used quote ďSound is 50% of the experience of any filmĒ rings true for me on every movie I make. Now, having a true professionals work on the last 2 Cell Phone Monologues has taught me a lot about great sound and makes me feel more amateurish in my feeble attempts.

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Posted on 2013/7/1 9:47:23

Iím trying to work out several things at once. I want to trace some of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, so that I can therapeutically work through them. Specifically, I want to be able to watch movies and not obsess over the edits I need (read: want) to do. Iím also on the lookout for my Ďtriggersí for what upsets me in other arenas. Although I am not particularly thinking negative thoughts at the moment, I want to be be aware of what sets this off. It isnít random just because I didnít make the connection.

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Posted on 2013/6/30 12:24:37

Got out and saw a movie yesterday (World War Z). Progress is made. Today I intend to watch a few movies at home as I do laundry. Itís domestic day even though Iím also going to do some editing for FRAMELINES too. I wish FRAMELINES made more money as I love editing on the show. I just get entirely burned out editing all day and then all night on something else.

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Posted on 2013/6/29 8:49:31

Picture lock done on the new-new podcast. No idea how to use this, as it will be okay for FRAMELINES, but also on the web it will belong to Sonnyboo. All I need is music for it and the first of two will be set. I got to tinker with After Effects for animation for the majority of this. Nothing particularly special or unique, just making the numbers do a little more than what is possible in the NLE, thatís Non Linear Editing software for the noobs.

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Posted on 2013/6/27 19:49:10

Lord almighty I feel great! The Telly Awards arrived today. I am officially better than my nemesis at school. Thereís 3rd party verification. Thereís a statue on my shelf, if nothing else, proof that I have one and she does not. Tack on top all the editing and shooting getting done and I just plain canít stand how freakiní sweet life is at this very moment.

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Posted on 2013/6/26 16:57:18

Did I use the ďfreeĒ time this week to watch movies? Nope. Did I do the dishes that have piled up over a week? Partially. Did I get all that laundry done that needed cleaned? Nope. What I did get done was a decent amount of editing and prep work. I cannot allow myself to fully be immersed in what I was like before, as that would not be prudent or responsible. Finding a balance, that is key.

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Posted on 2013/6/24 8:30:12

Screening went well last night. The new Cell Phone Monologues are doing good. The MOVIE CLICHE podcast is going to do great methinks. Switching to a hot blonde as the host, especially one with charisma and talent, makes a big difference compared to me, then casting myself as the tubby bachelor in a cameo, gets more laughs than I anticipated. When a room full of strangers laughs at your sloth; not the best feeling in the world, but that is entirely 100% my own fault. At least I knew going in what I was doing when we made this.

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Posted on 2013/6/23 7:05:56

Last night was something of a flashback to days of yore. I fired up the edit I started at school, just to make some technical adjustments, IE color correction basics, checking the timeline for errors in sound blips or little things; no intention whatsoever to edit. I blink and itís 2:35AM and I have a first cut all the way done. I thought I was tinkering for a few minutes, maybe an hour max. I started this at 8:21PM. I love it when my mind can become so lost in the work that there is no sense of time.

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