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Posted on 2016/2/4 10:51:14

Got so much going on right now. Hours at a time spent in the hospital. Editing for nearly countless hours. Writing, prepping, and just generally marinating in creativity for upcoming shoots. Also gearing up for a massive fundraising campaign for FRAMELINES on top. I am going full speed and not even getting any singe heat nonetheless burnt out.

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Posted on 2016/2/1 18:56:50

The hits keep on rolling. The fire that burns continues at full flame. It turns out we have more than enough footage to create the spine for another 6-7 episodes of FRAMELINES. We need several other components to make it work, and yet I am quite pleased with what I have before me.

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Posted on 2016/1/30 16:16:31

Finalizing 3 whole episodes of FRAMELINES today. Because of the render times and global warming, I got out to walk for an hour or two as well. So strange to have almost 60 degree weather in late January. The next step, as always, is to get the episodes transcribed and then closed captioning. Broadcast follows within a few weeks of that.

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Posted on 2016/1/26 22:24:18

Yesterday was an all day edit session on these long gestating pieces. Some of these things have been in my mental queue since 2013 or longer. Others, far more recent, and yet taking the list down notch by notch feels amazing. I cannot recall the last time I felt this on fire inside. Before my birthday party, I was editing instead of cleaning more thoroughly. Now that the decks are clear from paid work for at least a week and a half, I intend to just churn out so much material that I could just spend the rest of 2016 releasing these pieces.

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Posted on 2016/1/24 18:31:39

Today is my birthday. I am 44 years old. Last night, I celebrated with several friends, drank too much and stayed up too late. How do I choose to spend my day? Working on my projects from last week. Iíve got 2 of 3 cats on my editing station, a greenscreen problem to work out on 4K, and several sequences left to edit.

And there is nothing I would rather be doing right now than this.

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Posted on 2016/1/22 10:32:52

What is this, 2003 again? I did a shoot on Tuesday and had edits finished by 6:00PM Wednesday. I havenít turned around on my own projects like this in years. And Iím still going. Today will be a greenscreen shoot and then that will get edited and finalized before the end of next week.

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Posted on 2016/1/20 16:34:12

All day yesterday, I directed a shoot. I donít say that enough because I havenít been doing that as much as I should. This was a couple years in the making. I wanted to make sure the quality was superior to what I have been churning out. I spent money on props and art direction. I tried several new things and worked with many new people.

It was a good day

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Posted on 2016/1/15 15:40:12

After such a strange and busy holiday season, things have settled back down some. Not as much as I wanted. The upside resides in the surge of activity on my creative side. I want to get things rocking and I have a shoot for FRAMELINES early next week already. Iím rushing to get things together for that, whilst also doing paid work.

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Posted on 2016/1/1 14:14:49

With a New Year comes new resolve. I need to parlay my happiness into productive works. My plan to continue the list in front of me will come to fruition. Even if I have to will these into existence, I shall. I will not compromise on quality, as I would rather have nothing than something subpar. Iíve done that already. I want to excel and make better works than I have in the past. Why bother if all you are going to do is stagnate? I can think of fewer things that are a greater waste of life.

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Posted on 2015/12/23 19:42:09

Well another year is coming to a close. Normally this time of year, I have time for introspection, reflecting on the time that has passed. Not this year. I am busy with work, paid and volunteer. So much is going on, that I havenít had much time for anything.

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Posted on 2015/12/2 22:03:21

Time flies. I have been so busy within my ďtime offĒ. I still manage to find or create new work. Yesterday served as the template for how everyday should be during this time. Already today, I failed to follow suit. What I did do today was agree to edit someone elseís short film for them. Work will commence forthwith. First synching and transcoding to a more robust editing codec and all the other assistant editor duties I shall perform myself.

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Posted on 2015/11/19 13:35:13

This whole major time off thing is either addicting or maddening. When I indulge in the urge to binge watch, I go for many hours in a row and devour entire seasons in 2-3 days. Or I clean and work on self made projects for hours. This newfound time thing rocks except I lose myself to time suckage more than not.

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Posted on 2015/11/12 9:26:09

So far so good. Time away from work only one full day, already my emotional state has increased by a large margin. I have a chart. It might be quantifiable. My mind and time are already bending towards the next few projects. I printed a hard copy of the scripts, soon to print the storyboards to immerse myself and let the obsessive side do its thing.

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Posted on 2015/11/10 15:44:09

This morning I delivered a DVD for replication of 1,000 copies for a client, ending a long project. Now, thereís nothing foreseeable on the horizon work-wise. That normally would send me into a panic, especially with a mortgage with my name on it. Now now. I have secured financing for the next few months to take care of the bills and work as it comes in without worry. Relief and relaxation entered my life today.

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Posted on 2015/11/7 11:23:09

First draft of the screenplay turned in. Storyboards with revisions also turned in. A serious amount of progress accomplished. Sadly, all by people not me. Me, Iíve been booked solid with no real free time to do a lot on my own projects. Hopefully, that will change soon. Iím editing all weekend and then nothing is booked for a while.

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Posted on 2015/10/26 21:29:15

The difficulty of maintaining inspiration evades at times. My health keeps nosediving, derailing my energy and focus. Itís nothing too serious, lads not to worry. Enough to knock me down, just not for the count. Scripting continues on the short film next on my deck. Looking like a January shoot date instead of by the end of this year. Artwork being created too, cannot wait to see some of it soon.

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Posted on 2015/10/16 14:36:38

Screenwriting has begun. Storyboard and concept art started last night. Delays may have just hit, but I stand ready to cope. More prep time is not bad. I just do not want to allow myself to get derailed. When inspiration hits, you have to take the lumps. Got 2 interviews shot for FRAMELINES segments.

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Posted on 2015/10/12 13:44:35

Man, do I feel a fire burning inside. Iíve gotten a ton of prep done on these upcoming little shoots for the Tech Tips, just got done with a story meeting with the writer for the next short on deck. I set the deadline for a draft of a 7 page script on Friday, then we I do a pass on it this weekend, then we have until the following Friday to work out everything together, merging the 2 drafts into a single script. We are flying with this, and I want to shoot it and have it edited complete before the end of the year.

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Posted on 2015/10/9 10:57:15

We shot a new roundtable, panel discussion last night for FRAMELINES, this one on Cinematography. This time we live switched in 24P, a first for us. A Good time was had, work was a joy, and there is less post than ever on this.

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Posted on 2015/10/2 12:19:58

And here I thought leaving the school would have given me more free time. Couldnít have been more wrong. A non-stop whirlwind of post work, shoots, and meetings awaited me from the first moment on. I havenít had time to breathe. I was really hoping to get some rest and relaxation at some point.

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