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Posted on 2006/9/17 15:00:00

Last night I worked at a Hotel. I was filling in helping out my buddy so he could have a night off. I was the A/V tech on duty so that I could just baby sit a DVD player during a wedding. Excitement Central, thatís where I was last night, at least I was able to get some thoughts down.

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Posted on 2006/9/5 15:00:00

Iím in a state of flux right now. Not everything feels like it should and I have a general discomfort and Iím not 100% sure where it emanates from. Definitely writers block contributing to this, but thatís not all. The world and specifically my world is off-kilter in the now.

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Posted on 2006/8/10 15:00:00

This past weekend I attended the Indie Gathering in Cleveland. Friday night, John Whitney and I screened Horrors of War to a decent sized crowd. On Saturday, we had a table and sold some DVDís of our short films. John Whitneyís SOLVE FOR X outsold me, but that shouldnít be a shock. Itís a killer short film (now on YOUTUBE itself).

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