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Posted on 2006/10/22 12:00:00

Let’s get this out of the way first…. My new cats name is “VLADIMIR JACK BAUER”. We basically just call him “V” and that’s our preference here. I picked “VLADIMIR” because of a line of dialogue from the 1981 movie ARTHUR starring Dudley Moore when he says, “Can we name our first child ‘Vladimir’? Boy or a girl?” I didn’t think anyone would get that in a million years and no one did… thankfully, these books cost me money.

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Posted on 2006/10/7 12:00:00

Now after the devastation of my last blog entry, I have some follow up news to go along with it. Many people, friends and even strangers, were affected by our loss of dear Spaz. On Wednesday night, we tried to resume the education of Micah on American Cinema, but I mostly just wanted to have people in the house again and reignite some of the warmth that made our happy home what it is.

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Posted on 2006/10/3 15:00:00

For those who tune into this blog for filmmaking stuff, go ahead & skip on for the next time. Today I am distraught and it’s purely personal.

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Posted on 2006/9/17 15:00:00

Last night I worked at a Hotel. I was filling in helping out my buddy so he could have a night off. I was the A/V tech on duty so that I could just baby sit a DVD player during a wedding. Excitement Central, that’s where I was last night, at least I was able to get some thoughts down.

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Posted on 2006/9/5 15:00:00

I’m in a state of flux right now. Not everything feels like it should and I have a general discomfort and I’m not 100% sure where it emanates from. Definitely writers block contributing to this, but that’s not all. The world and specifically my world is off-kilter in the now.

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Posted on 2006/8/10 15:00:00

This past weekend I attended the Indie Gathering in Cleveland. Friday night, John Whitney and I screened Horrors of War to a decent sized crowd. On Saturday, we had a table and sold some DVD’s of our short films. John Whitney’s SOLVE FOR X outsold me, but that shouldn’t be a shock. It’s a killer short film (now on YOUTUBE itself).

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