Against my love shall be as I am now

Date: 2016/9/18 17:23:41 Topic: Blog

Things change. Sometimes like molasses, others like a flash of lightning. Already two weeks in on teaching at the new university. I like it there. Very good students, a really upscale facility. The students took pen to paper when I told them something was important. I had only experienced that maybe twice in almost 5 years at the old school. Aside from that, even more big changes are headed my way.

I ordered my drone. I found a great deal on a 4K drone and went ahead and splurged. I think if I can get decent at it, I can make some money from that skillset and getting the license to pilot it. I already have a few ideas on what I can do to innovate on the tool.

I got asked to direct the pilot to a webseries. I said yes. I like the challenge and love the people, so it was a no brainer. Already handed out my notes on the script, but this is more akin, in my mind anyways, to directing TV where the director is not God. Iím a cog in the wheel, working for the EP who will act as showrunner.

My regular site, got taken down the other day. The reason is one of the best reasons ever. The site broke the bandwidth of the hosting company when a couple of the 50 Royalty Free Songs were getting hammered by people all over the globe. I just havenít been paying attention to the free downloads on my site in awhile, least of all the music. Now Iím rethinking this whole thing. Iím going to go to Soundcloud and also Youtube to offer the music up, stop chewing up my own bandwidth and let those free sites take the hit for a change.

Right now, life continues to surprise and impress me. New job opportunities, new creative outlets, relaxing activities, good friends, and new people; This is what the good life comes from.

The big downside though is having a brother who has lymphoma in the left hemisphere of his temporal lobe. After months of chemotherapy, he doesnít want any more treatment. Itís both brought our family closer together and pulled us further apart. There is no guarantee in life. I have no idea how much more time he has. Days, weeks, months, possibly even a few years. All I know is that I donít want to waste a lot of my time left on this Earth.

I feel good. Still hitting the gym to swim. Eating better. Definitely drinking better since I cut out most sugar drinks. There is something of an equilibrium in Rossland where the cats are concerned. Little CC moves through all the lines of war without effort. Lorenzo is happier than heís ever been in his life. ďVĒ is as happy as his bitterness will allow, although he has lost more weight per capita than his big poppa.

ĒTake all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all your so called problems
Better put them in quotations
Say what you need to say
Fightin' with the shadows in your head
Livin' out the same old moment
Knowin' youd be better off instead
If you could only
Say what you need to sayĒ
- John Mayer

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