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Posted on 2015/11/2 10:12:31

As Star Wars the Force Awakens is about to come out, the cross promotions with branding is yielding a ton of amazing commercials, something that was missing from the prequels and even the marketing therein.

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Posted on 2015/7/7 17:13:51

I was excited to read about the new Star Wars “Anthology” movie, meaning a non-Episode I-IX movie, this 2nd one about Han Solo. The director’s from the LEGO MOVIE and 21 JUMP STREET reboot are at the helm with Lawrence Kasden and his son Jon writing. Lawrence Kasden writing anything is a great sign. I have a theory or two about the content of the Han Solo movie.

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Posted on 2015/4/19 8:22:30

The past few days have been a bevy of movie trailer hitting the web, intentionally and unintentionally. Along with the trailers come the inevitable memes and remixes. STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS hit weeks earlier than expected via a live streaming from the sanctioned Star Wars convention and then the BATMAN V. SUPERMAN trailer went from bootleg camcorder video to official release within 24 hours. One thing is certain; marketing is changed forever now.

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Posted on 2015/4/13 16:27:42

I just watched the new trailer for TERMINATOR: GENISYS. I am unenthused. I remember seeing the teaser trailer in the theater several weeks ago and it generated laughter, not the kind they want I assure you. I was excited for the last one, TERMINATOR SALVATION. I liked the idea of a movie set in the future world. I was disappointed. I still have never seen TERMINATOR 3 all the way through, although the ending was good. The TV series TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES was pretty good (trivia note: Sarah played by Lena Hedley from GAME OF THRONES, not played by Emilia Clarke, also from GoT).

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Posted on 2015/1/26 10:14:48

When I was a kid, I read pretty much Marvel comics exclusively. I only knew DC comics characters from Saturday morning cartoons like SUPER FRIENDS, the 1960’s BATMAN in syndication and the seminole 1978 SUPERMAN movie from Richard Donner. The comics always seemed too kiddie for me. Marvel had flawed characters that even a 9 year old could relate to.

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Posted on 2015/1/21 7:42:00

2014 wasn’t stellar for the big Hollywood studios (or indies). 2015 will be a huge box office year. At a minimum, one studio will dominate over all others by a longshot. Disney owns Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. In 2015, they intend to unleash some of the most predictable blockbusters of all time.

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Posted on 2015/1/19 18:29:40

We’re still over 4 months away from Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, the sequel to 2012’s 3rd highest grossing film of all time, but Disney owned Marvel Studios has already sketched out their entire movie and TV slate through 2019. ANT MAN opens in July a mere 2 months after AVENGERS, but after that comes what might be the most interesting of all the sequels they have in the pipeline.

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Posted on 2014/12/18 8:03:04

I like weird pairings of movies to watch back to back, linked through a more abstract connexion rather than just sequels or series. This week is a tad of the old Ultra-Violence, at least one of them will be.


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Posted on 2014/12/10 13:53:00

Neo Noir films take the old Film Noir and modernize it (Neo meaning ‘New’ [[and ‘Lithic’ meaning Stone]]). My favorite film of all time is BLADE RUNNER, which is Sci Fi Noir. But the two movies that really fit the Double Feature bill for me this week is


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Posted on 2014/12/4 16:41:10

I like seeing two movies back to back, and not always sequels or parts of a series. Making a slightly more abstract connexion makes for a more interesting viewing experience.

This week’s unusual pairing of movies are:

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Posted on 2014/11/30 16:56:45


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Posted on 2014/9/25 18:01:32

Given that the X-Men and mutant aspects of the Marvel cinematic world are in your hands, let me give you my opinion on the Internet as millions of others do as well. Marvel Studios, now with the mighty Mickey Mouse House are kicking your ass. Theoretically, they haven’t had a bomb, at least in context. Funny how people forget the INCREDIBLE HULK (2008) wasn’t a huge hit, and everyone pretends the 2nd Punisher movie, PUNISHER WAR ZONE (2008) actually did bomb, but regardless - Marvel has enjoyed Pixar level of success ever since. Here’s where you can develop your franchise into something better - TELEVISION.

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Posted on 2014/4/4 22:06:30

Over the next 6 weeks, analysts will want to take note. There are 3 comic book movies - all major sequels and all based on Marvel characters coming out. CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 (Disney/Marvel), AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (Sony/Columbia), and X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (20th Century Fox). I think all 3 will do very good business domestic and foreign.

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Posted on 2014/2/9 14:09:15

I just saw this amazing 10 minute documentary online.

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Posted on 2013/12/2 11:30:26

There are a lot of scams on the Internet. I know this because I’m friends with the Prince of Nigeria and he needs your help. Along with a lifetime supply of V1agra. Along with the scams are the trolls who just seem to want to instigate. Now that social media has taken hold, simple political statements can lead to hours of in depth debate of simple talking points to incredibly complex situations. And worse, a proliferation of low self esteem people who find courage behind anonymous internet profiles with no accountability. Never is that more prevalent than with filmmaking.

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Posted on 2013/11/8 7:04:20

Man, did things work out yesterday. Morning class, got there and even sleepy I rocked it with passion. Afternoon, booked home for a conference call for work, then edited and finished a video from really rough cut to a near final cut for a client, then rocketed over to Best Buy, got the Hobbit extended cut on Blu, still got back to school on time for the night class. After that, on to Thor 2 on the big (big big) screen.

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Posted on 2013/10/7 11:50:41

Saw the sneak preview of CAPTAIN PHILLIPS last night. I liked it a lot, but this isn’t a review. I wanted to talk about a trend in editing that this movie exemplifies. The current trend in feature films is to be completely minimal with the wide shots/establishing shots, and then to get into and show mostly close ups. Combine that with the handheld camera work the entire film, and director Paul Greengrass has continued the style he cemented on the 2nd and 3rd BOURNE movies.

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Posted on 2013/10/3 16:32:09

I like music with balls. Instrumentation doesn’t matter. We’re not talking about loud necessarily. A lud fuzzy guitar doesn’t always equal balls. Just listen to the main theme of Conan the Barbarian by Basil Poledouris. There ain’t much bigger balls than that and not a guitar to be strummed.

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Posted on 2013/8/8 13:50:15

Fans of movies love to see alternate or longer versions of their favorite movies. There are basically two different types of extended cuts for the most part, a DIRECTOR’S CUT and a SPECIAL EDITION. What is the difference between a “Director’s Cut” and a “Special Edition”?

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Posted on 2013/5/5 12:04:11

I detest remakes. It shows such a lack of respect for the original material and really demonstrates the lack of creativity in Hollywood. Especially when they do things far more for contractual reason rather than creative (see Amazing Spider-man). That being said, there is a movie that SHOULD be remade in my opinion. It’s the 1959 Peter Sellers film THE MOUSE THAT ROARED.

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