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Posted on 2017/9/16 9:24:14

Well, this is not too surprising. I delved right back into the old Uncle Peteís Play Time and I have already remastered 6 of the original 8 episodes. All new greenscreen keying, modifying the edits, cleaning up the backgrounds, and even updating the titles and sound. I have a problem. I can never stop tinkering with old works of mine. I can live with this since itís all for compiling into a brand new work, so millimeter thin justifications are acceptable.

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Posted on 2017/9/8 10:48:47

Jesus Marimba! Non stop working. All the time. Gigs bleed into one another, both for me, for fun, and mostly for pay. Doing new Uncle Peteís Play Time episodes lead to something I sometimes delve into, the George Lucas Effect, whereby I tinker and re-edit and change things on old movies Iíve made.

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Posted on 2017/8/20 10:55:27

Finally. I directed a short film for myself. Almost three years since the last time I did that. Iíve been so busy and trying all kinds of new things. They say itís like riding a bike. I say itís more like a sport, whereas you can get out of practice and you need to warm up, get those muscles ready after atrophy.

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Posted on 2017/8/14 19:36:19

ALMOST ADEQUATE continues to grow, as well as Johnny Diís NOT SO LATE SHOW. Which has all lead me down a road to some prosperity. I cannot believe how much of my time and income has converted to live directing.

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Posted on 2017/7/21 18:07:53

Keeping busy. Very busy. Like nonstop. Itís been almost 5 years since my last vacation of more than 2-3 days in a row. I love what I do, but sooner or later, one must recharge the batteries. I donít think that is going to happen to me in the foreseeable future. I keep just adding more work to my life. Paid. Unpaid. Low pay. Doesnít matter. Work work work.

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Posted on 2017/7/8 8:39:01

Finally had a couple days off, then right back to it. This coming week will be the busiest Iíve had in a long while. Nonstop work feels good. I love what I do, so it never feels too much like work. Stress comes from unhappiness so thatís not really the right word. Pressure, sure. Deadlines and the energy from live production feels like a shot of adrenaline in the soul.

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Posted on 2017/6/24 19:18:41

Even my weekends are jam packed! I am prepping cameras, 4 new LED light kits, the multicam and streaming package that are going out on a job while I am working a totally different gig on the other side of town. Next week is non-stop action. From early in the AM until late in the PM, just job after job after job. I love my life though and it feels good.

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Posted on 2017/6/12 19:23:46

So so busy. Almost non-stop production, post production, client meetings, and teaching. And in my off time, I just either chill out poolside getting much needed sun on my pale white skin or in a near catatonic state devouring Netflix at a voracious pace. On the plus side, I did get my 4h Emmy nomination, so thereís that to placate the exhaustion.

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Posted on 2017/5/23 20:59:19

Has it really been almost a month since I wrote my last blog? Holy hell, it has. Aside from doing freelance work as a TD (Technical Director), Iíve been directing the live shows for ALMOST ADEQUATE with J.H. Nuber and NOT SO LATE SHOW with Johnny DiLoretto, so my dance card is so full, I cannot get enough sleep. Especially with new episodes of Twin Peaks to catch.

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Posted on 2017/4/26 7:27:20

Screened my roommateís feature film in the home theater last night for some people who worked on it. Scotch whiskey from Ireland was consumed. Grille charred the meats and men were men last night on this perfect Tuesday evening. The notion of making movies again just seems so appealing. I am torn though.

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Posted on 2017/4/12 10:10:47

My feelings turn towards a sad reflection. A friend of mine, William T. Miller from Dayton passed away. I did not know him too well, but we were definitely kindred spirits. I did his talk show a couple times (see below embedded video) and we got along so well. He came here to see me a few times. I even saw him a few weeks ago at a film screening. Such a loss to the film community, as Bill was so enthusiastic about making movies.

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Posted on 2017/3/20 19:41:01

Took some much needed time away from the world this past weekend. I got lost inside of Marvelís Iron Fist on Netflix. And I made time to reorganize my storage room for all my newly acquired and old moviemaking gear. Now that my Glidecam Crane 200 has been repaired, I wanted to start to make my stuff ready to work. I got some plans.

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Posted on 2017/3/14 19:09:48

I donít recall the last time I was this busy. Working multiple jobs for several vendors, drone shots, camera operator, editing on someoneís short film, publishing another book, and teaching. Your faithful narrator remains ever so occupied. So why not add to that by re-writing a feature film?

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Posted on 2017/3/10 17:20:15

Turns out directing live show has become equal to editing for my paydays. Iím getting booked up months in advance for different live streaming and broadcast. This skillset came from teaching at a broadcast school. I got trained by some local news guys who also taught at the same school. Now it makes me money. Oh how great a thing this can be.

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Posted on 2017/3/5 12:25:53

And just like that, I am trying to cast my next short film. Been getting back to the gym (finally), heading there in a few actually. Getting the blood flowing back into my brain has helped motivate me to get off my ass and make this happen. In my head, this is ready to go. Thereís no reason for hesitation. Time to just do it.

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Posted on 2017/3/2 13:55:30

Got so much work again that time remains working against me. The queue refilled itself with projects for the non-paid as well. After being sick for a few weeks, all I want to do now is just lay around and binge watch documentaries like the one I just saw on Gore Vidal. Getting out of the funk and back into action requires a jumpstart.

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Posted on 2017/2/26 10:18:21

I was sick again. That lost a lot of energy into nothingness. Being thrust into a flurry of work for various companies meant no easing back into the groove. Doing live switching events has been my mainstay since winter time is not the best for Drone work. I still have not been able to take on my greatest enemy, the nemesis that has dominated all of my focus.

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Posted on 2017/2/16 19:55:13

Things truck forward. Been busy all week with multicam directing gigs. Got an edit for Bryanís short film heís directing tomorrow. Tonight will continue the binge re-watching of GAME OF THRONES. I started this when I was sick the past two weeks, but now that Iím feeling better, I just canít stop.

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Posted on 2017/2/11 22:39:31

Fate sometimes smiles upon me. I got an idea last night, this notion to turn something else I shot into an Interactive Tutorial, as it was fairly obvious. The entire clip on Cutting on Motion was ripe to have the raw footage put online and let people practice match cutting. I searched all three of the 5 Terabyte drives, and the additional 8 terabytes of internal storage and nowhere was the raw footage to be found.

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Posted on 2017/1/27 22:19:18

A strange time indeed. The Annual Birthday Bash was a success. Iíve got an iPhone 7 now. Iíve got a 14mm, 50mm, and a 85mm prime lens. Storyboards have started for the next short film. Episodes of FRAMELINES continue to finalize as more segments get cut. Time moves forward and Iím gearing up for the next few steps.

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