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Posted on 2017/6/6 14:22:33

Framelines and Sonnyboo Productions have been nominated for a regional Emmy! This is the 4th nomination for the show and Peter John Ross. The Framelines Interactive Tutorial, specifically the Horror Scene (in 4K) received the nomination today, along with cinematographer and co-producer of that project, Greg Sabo.

Posted on 2017/2/18 17:26:03

Here is a Sonnyboo Interactive Filmmaking Project!

You can download and edit this raw footage and practice editing. After you finish, you have permission to upload your edit as long as you use our complete credits below and use the hashtag #Sonnyboo

This footage is full HD (1920x1080) at 23.976 Frames Per Second. The scene is from an action movie where the team decides they are going to do a mission.

If you want to get really fancy, you can go over to my PBS show and edit THIS interactive project (click here) and add that to the middle section of this piece to add a little action to this, also starring Jocelyn Tanis beating up the Sonnyboo Intern Team 2013.


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Posted on 2016/9/21 19:40:44

I listen to music constantly, in the car, when I work out, when I edit, when I read, when I do anything. It has been many a year since I listened to any of my own music though. I started as a musician, from the time I was 5 years old. I wanted to be a film composer. At some point I made a sound track for someone which lead to me making movies and I abandoned my musical inclinations. I have since long forgotten most if not everything I knew then. I decided since I was going to migrate my compositions and recordings to Soundcloud and Youtube, I wanted to clean up the analog multitrack cassette songs and I stumbled upon an ďalbumĒ I recorded in 1997.

more info below

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Posted on 2016/5/21 7:24:53 did a story on the FRAMELINES Screening this coming Monday at the Gateway Film Center & interviewed Peter John Ross about the show.

Many thanks for the support!


Posted on 2016/3/27 10:43:19

Posted on 2016/3/6 13:31:51

NOFILMSCHOOL.COM has just posted about the FRAMELINES Interactive Editing Tutorial.

Many thanks to the folks at NOFILMSCHOOL.COM for helping spread the word about our project and TV series.

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Posted on 2016/2/29 22:57:15


Framelines presents an Interactive Editing Project! Anyone can download the clips and edit the scene together however you want.

INTERACTIVE PROJECT - Horror Scene from Framelines TV on Vimeo.


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Posted on 2015/6/4 11:57:15

FRAMELINES and the Tech Tips just got a 3rd Emmy Nomination! Your faithful narrator has been humbled and honored to receive the nomination for a regional Emmy. The Tech Tips have been a passion project for me for the last few years. Making new ones and helping people learn filmmaking make me feel good, a way to give back to the wonderful karma that has been in my world.

I hear from teachers and students all over the world, from places like Thailand and Australia, from High School through college level about these videos. It warms my heart to hear from folks who tell me I showed them something they didnít know or that it helped them understand something that just didnít make sense reading it on a page.

For this, and the incredible 3rd nomination of an Emmy, I am eternally grateful.

Posted on 2015/3/5 12:22:50

Posted on 2015/2/28 18:18:07

Posted on 2014/6/4 13:49:34

FRAMELINES and Peter John Ross have been nominated for a 2014 Emmy Award for the Tech Tip segments. This is the 2nd year and 2nd nomination for the TV series. We are so proud of the filmmakers we have featured and are so grateful to all the supports of the show.

Framelines strives to educate the every day person on the new trend of filmmaking. Whether you're shooting on a cell phone or the latest film cameras, we try to show moviemakers of every type. New episodes will begin airing in the next few months.

Posted on 2014/5/18 8:41:14

The cable show Clip Frames is airing on DATV in Dayton.

Time Warner Channel 5 and Digital Ch 99.6 on TUESDAYS at 5:00PM and FRIDAYS at 10:30AM

Clip Frames features short films and behind the scenes looks at features and short films.

Posted on 2014/4/14 12:05:30


now playing in Columbus Channel 34.2 over the air, Time Warner channel 96, Insight channel 190, and WOW channel 150 - check out the TV show on filmmaking in Ohio!, new episodes have started airing!

FRAMELINES, all new episodes

Mondays 12:30PM and 8:30PM

Tuesdays 4:30AM

Saturdays 10:30AM and 6:30PM

Sundays 2:30AM

now listed in TV GUIDE!

Posted on 2013/9/12 10:05:25

The Cell Phone Monologues compilation won the Grand Prize at the Westerville Film Festival 2013! Prizes included a $50 gift card to AMC Theatres and additional gifts.

This was the first annual film festival and competition and the films were a last minute addition to lineup!

Posted on 2013/9/9 13:35:11

The latest 2 Cell Phone Monologues will screen Monday, Sept. 23 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Featuring performances of Elizabeth McPherson and Maya Sayre and cinematography by Mike McNeese and Gil Whitney.

The Cell Phone Monologues take the idea of the monologue and combine it with stellar camera work.


Posted on 2012/9/6 21:02:43

Here's another article I wrote for the Halloween issue of VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE in the Oct 2012 issue.

Posted on 2012/3/13 11:06:11

A new article on PLUG INS written by Peter John Ross is now available on newsstands in the APRIL 2012 issue of VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE!

Posted on 2012/2/14 22:04:20

Now on Athens, channel 9 Time Warner and CATVision

catch CLIP FRAMES, the show about people making movies in the Midwest!

CLIP FRAMES is airing now on cable in ATHENS OHIO so catch the show and let us know what you think!

ACTV is carried on Time Warner Cable (Athens, Ohio) & CATVision on Ohio University's campus.

11:30am Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1:30pm Thursday, Saturday
7:00pm Saturday
10:30pm Sunday

Posted on 2012/1/17 23:05:00

Now on Youngstown, Time Warner channel 9 and channel 15 in Warren

catch CLIP FRAMES, the show about people making movies in the Midwest!

CLIP FRAMES is airing now on cable in YOUNGSTOWN OHIO so catch the show and let us know what you think!

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