I’m trying to work out several things at once. I want to trace some of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, so that I can therapeutically work through them. Specifically, I want to be able to watch movies and not obsess over the edits I need (read: want) to do. I’m also on the lookout for my ‘triggers’ for what upsets me in other arenas. Although I am not particularly thinking negative thoughts at the moment, I want to be be aware of what sets this off. It isn’t random just because I didn’t make the connection. Right now, I feel utterly fantastic. I’m getting personal work done, and a lot of it. FRAMELINES is airing (today no less), I have the system working for getting Closed Captions, and I’m hammering out the latest and greatest episodes. In less than 3 weeks I’ll be sitting at the Emmy’s seeing if we win. I couldn’t be more proud of the show and what we have accomplished.

I want to stay on this happy course. Eyes forward. This means scheduling several more shoots and soon. Working with actors, shooting with DP’s, and editing is my zen state. It may take a little push to get me started on any one of those things, but once I do, the train leaves the station, and I like to arrive at my destination.

Last night I watched a blu ray of Taken 2, the final disc from Netflix as I cancelled my account. I have far too many movies I own that are unwatched. Therapy step #1 – watch more movies and relax. Try to carve out the time for 1 movie a day every day. No more buying any movies until the current queue is entirely watched (stopped all purchases a while ago actually, but the reminder is good).

Audio for the latest Cell Phone Monologue is sent off for post production. I get an odd question from some people who see them. “What is this for?” – and I don’t really know how to respond. Did I have to have a reason to make a movie? I’m in a state of creation where motives and reasons aren’t much of a factor. I just want to make things more for the need to tell certain stories, even if that story is how much money is left from a million dollar movie deal or how spaceships exploding in space can’t make a sound annoys me in movies.

I think my answer is just “I need to tell stories.” I don’t feel I have a choice in the matter. I just make movies.

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