After the events of this past week and the startling self revelation, I have decided to take 30 days off Facebook. Starting September 1st, 2013, I will go the entire month without visiting or posting on the site. Life before social media seems like a dream. I need to prove to myself that I don’t need it. I truly do want to change and be a better man. I plan on documenting the process. Every day or so, I’ll write a blog or make a video about what I am doing and what I have to do to stay off the site. Sure, I use the site for a lot of professional video connections, etc. but is it necessary?

I really need to make a change. Now. Readers of the blog for the past year will know, I have a mantra. Be a better man. Slow changes are natural. I need to do something more bold. I have something to prove to the world and more importantly myself.

This isn’t some astounding feat I am attempting. My friend Dino dumped the Face 2 years ago and never looked back. I don’t need or want the drama. Most importantly – I don’t want to CAUSE the drama, albeit unintentionally. Writing something simple on Facebook can be misinterpreted or twisted and hurt someone else.

If I cheat, anyone who gets a screenprint of my online on facebook with the little green dot next to my name and picture will get a $5 credit on September 30th, at BW3’s where I will be having a small get together for drinks and free wings.

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