Big decisions to make. So much going on, that my iPhone is barely keeping up with my schedule. What I really need is an army, a Sonnyboo Army. I’m up to 4 interns right now. I’ve created a whole slew of new work for them, even simple things, but work that needs doing. I found the secret to be creating template style work, so I create the basic format, and just have them use that to create content, like sample images and filling in titles, etc. I am alive again. Production, editing, pre-pro, and everything that goes with making new material pumps me up. There was once a very scammy Film Guru who once advised everyone to pretend to be something they weren’t and say “I have several projects in various stages of development“. I hated that guy, but I really really do have several projects in various stages of development, so I can say this without a hint of irony or self loathing.

Collaborating with others, especially on writing has been making the biggest difference to my material. I’m here to serve the story and appease the audience. My ego takes a back seat. I don’t care if my “jokes” are the ones that get the viewers to laugh; I’m way more interested in making sure they find it funny. A good producer/director knows when to take a good idea and use it, and the best ones give credit to wherever the idea came from. I’m gonna make sure to credit the sources.

In trying to find balance, I’m trying to sleep more, which the cats make substantially more difficult at times. Cooking at home has become the norm. I love cooking and it’s not as hard to keep the kitchen clean(er) with just me and staying on top of it. Sadly, the roach population has decided to vacate, and there’s a little bit of sadness in having fewer creatures in my cupboards, occasionally surprising me with a visit or appearing in my raw chicken. Oh, those were the days!

Life is very good right now. The Rossman is happy.


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