Friday night I interviewed a childhood hero, actor Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica (both versions). He was doing an acting seminar in Cincinnati and we wanted to do a story for FRAMELINES. He was a really down to earth, nice guy. It turns out we know a few of the same people and that was a nice ice breaker. 

As fate would have it, I wrote a part with Richard Hatch specifically in mind for ACCIDENTAL ART, but we’ll see if he’s interested at all or if schedules work out when it comes time to shoot the movie. So many variables can conspire to make these things not work out. I have in mind several genre actors for this very non-genre movie. I love the idea of casting against type. Taking a science fiction or fantasy icon actor and putting them in a dark comedy has the appeal to their acting skills and because most people would only want them to play a variation of their past characters. I know I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into any one genre or style of film, so I can relate to an actor not wanting to only explore one type of character.

The new intern Blog videos seem to be doing well. A lot of people are positively commenting on the various sites. We’re shooting with the Canon T2i DSLR still cameras in 24P. They take about 30 minutes to shoot and a little over an hour to edit, do FX work, and finalize. I have in mind about 5-6 of these total, but we’ll see if there’s continued interest. There would have to be about 1,000 views each for this initial run before I’d consider doing more. Right now, they are purely promotional for the movie and the simple fundraising, as something to do and create that doesn’t take a lot of effort, but has some entertainment value. I am learning something, as in I am doing some very complex compositing work with 3D motion tracking on multiple planes of focus, etc. I am putting the focus on YouTube over Vimeo as an experiment with these.

I re-edited FRAMELINES pilot episode. My original running time was 29:00 minutes and PBS needs 26:46 which meant some serious trims. From feedback at screenings I wanted to add more clips from the films we are discussing, which meant even more interviews being trimmed. I finished and delivered Friday at 4:00PM what I believe is a vastly improved pilot episode. I’m considering some kind of screening or debut of an episode and then highlights in February, which is when we’re now set to premiere the show. It’s been over a year since I did any kind of screening.

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