The Sonnyboo Intern Team got the studio cleaned and organized. We have a lot of media carts lying around, all being misused as catch-alls for whatever. Now they have specific functions and purpose. Also setup a portable deck-rack with digibeta, 3/4″, and D2 decks. Finally digitized the uncompressed digibeta tape of HORRORS OF WAR, complete with M&E tracks. I haven’t had an uncompressed copy since 2005. I used RED GIANT’s “Instant HD” plug in to create a 720P file. Funny though, I still won’t watch the movie at all. This has more to do with my OCD of having the proper data files for archiving.

With all the extra material and short film work, I have been able to hobble together 2 more CLIP FRAMES episodes (rendering as I type). Got a line on a TV outlet in San Francisco, so I want to get everything ready for that too. I believe that television is dying, but it ain’t dead yet. Why not go for ALL outlets available to us, old and new? I’m going to have to mass-produce 8-10 newer episodes of CLIP FRAMES and do a mass shipping to all the cable outlets playing it.

FINALLY! Saw Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty today. Been chipping away at the Blu Ray stack at home too. Also getting my edits done and some house work accomplished. Only one thing missing – paid work. Didn’t make nearly as much money as normal last week and definitely NOT on track to make a lot this coming week. That’s okay; I need the time to get some my projects finished anyways.

Walked 2 miles today after spending over 5 hours in the movie theater. I kinda HAD to go walking after all that sitting in a row. Getting some editing done at home this weekend and the cats are restless. Little Lorenzo is not only offended by the new tile, he also hates the new runner rug I got for the bedroom. He attacks it all night, gets wrapped in it mummy-style and starts to cry because he can’t get out…. at 4:00AM. EVERY NIGHT.


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