Time glides by a little too fast these days. It’s already March. I’m barely over 2 weeks away from the big show in Beverly Hills. I’m behind on my preparations. I have much to do. I have plans within plans, all whittling away at the future. We’ll see what can be done.¬†One of the cool things about a Film Festival Strategy is the FREE INVITE. I had not dared hope to think I’d be in that boat, but already, 2 new invites for submission to other film festivals have come (and have subsequently been mailed out). Once you’re in at a few choice festivals, if a programmer from another festival sees it, they will invite your movie to play at their festival, and usually waive the entry fees. That’s how a lot of movies rack up the big time laurel leaves on their DVD boxes and websites.

I’m hoping now for more invitations because Film Festival Entry Fees have increased from about $25 for shorts 10 years ago to $50 each. That’s kinda pricey, if you ask me. I’ve been curbing my paid film festivals in the last few weeks, gearing up for the trip and other financial concerns. I might even sell my beloved Canon HV20. I don’t use it the way I intended. My standards are too high for what it does and even for BEHIND THE SCENES, I’m wanting a different quality. I love the 24P and 1080, but realistically, I’m shooting things with a higher standard, not this, so away the HV20 must go, my most beloved little camcorder.

I have several reformat, reinstalls of software going on for both work and personal. At least once a year I recommend cleaning off the hard drives with a fresh install of the Operating System and a re-install of the software that you use the most. Having a lot of junk on the machine slows down the processing and with video editing, processing is EVERYTHING. I like a smooth, easy to use Video Editing Computer, not a sluggish, unhappy, crashing-with-the-blue-screen-of-death type machine, even if that means pre-emptive format-reinstalls.

Have a good one everyone, Happy March


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