Boy oh Boy, screening movies again this month and getting Marie’s Pizza. It will be a good day. Going to hit the gym before the festivities. Gotta earn them carbs. Got a lot of prep work done on some DVD burning, delivery of shows to various outlets, and soon to get going on finalizing a new episode of FRAMELINES. Along with the end of some paid edits, I’m doing okay with my workload. In yesterday’s blog, I barely scratched the surface on what I’ve actually finished thus far in 2013. I started to examine what I’ve finished thus far:

2 Cell Phone Monologues

4 episodes of Framelines (30 min each)

4 Movie Cliche Podcasts

3 new Sonnyboo Podcasts

11 new Tech Tips for Framelines

17 new episodes of CLIP FRAMES (30 min each)

countless TV commercials

All in all, that’s decent haul, although it feels like I’m not even close to the halfway mark of what I intended to get done this year. And I still have a couple months left. Got one new shoot this coming Thursday at least. One chunk at a time?

Got a few bits of new clothes here and there. Workout stuff, casual, formal, and sleepwear. Got a new chair for the living room, mostly because it was only $99 new and fit with the look and size I wanted. For $99, I couldn’t resist the buy on my credit card. A new desk for the basement/home edit system was also ordered this week. The constant revisions to New Rossdonia continue!

The home theater is long overdue for a rewiring/setup. My enormous 55″ TV compensates for something I must be lacking somewhere, I’m sure. Night classes means a lot less movie watching, and I’ve got a night class and a morning class coming up to teach.

I need some time off. Seriously, I’m burning out again. At least I sleep okay. Little Lorenzo the Alarm Clock makes sure I get up to feed him and his belligerent brother Vladimir. Even so, I sleep well enough. I find I take naps a lot more on weekends to catch up on anything lost on the weekdays.

Time to get some laps and reps in. See ya.

“Hey fool, wise up, better late than never. You know that nothing lasts forever. Nobody ever told you that your time is running out “
― Van Halen

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