I am in pain. In waves, inside and out, I get aches and pains. From a charlie horse to wake me up to the stomach pains, to bleeding and soreness from MRSA, I am in bad shape. I am trying to keep my attitude up and on the positive. Why is it the only thing that brought me any real joy in the last week was using deductive reasoning to surmise on someone else’s suffering? Days like today make me feel like a horrible person. I wish I could use my brain for good and not needless wastes of time. Too much Sherlock Holmes readings; I try to make complex deductions based on minimal evidence. I haven’t reached that arrogance of assuming I’m right, so have an unfulfilled need to be proven right (or wrong).

Last night hearing such a small rumor that seemed innocuous brought me so much joy as my mind raced to solve the riddle. I forgot all my physical pain as I internet research (aka creeping on other people’s posts on FB) and spent a jolly 30 minutes piecing together a puzzle of quotes, responses, and then interpreting them.

I prefer the Socratic Method – once you have a hypothesis, you must seek to DISPROVE that idea. When you cannot, then it becomes a more solid theory. If all you do is look for evidence to support your idea, then you cannot remove your bias from the equation, and your idea becomes nothing more than a subjective opinion, like a preference for flavors of ice cream.

This is the basis of almost all science. Life has better options with critical thinking. There are some people I disagree with politically or ideologically, but at least I can respect the ones who use critical thinking.

As it stands, I feel this clinical understanding of parts of humanity help me as a filmmaker. The logical example of what combination of words evoke certain emotional responses develop and become subconscious parts of the writing, shooting, and editing of movies.

Anyways, so the one thing that has truly cheered me up in the last week attitude wise was someone else’s tragedy that I was able to deduce. Does that make me an ass?

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