My new laptop kicks ass. I was able to edit full 1080P 23.976 300 Megs Per Second HD AVI files in my Matrox Intermediate codec with no effort. Adobe CS5.5 still rocking it in Premiere Pro and even After Effects today. Getting more editing done wherever and whenever I can feeds my productivity which will in turn open the floodgates to the marketing machine. Next week my teaching and work schedules start to slow down. Pre production on a feature film starts, and in that time I also might start some serious movie marathons. The weather is freezy, I need to be engrossed in movies, and it won’t hurt to try some of the epics. Lord of the Rings, the Marvel movies, and The Godfather. Of course, I have been putting off a Stanley Kubrick retrospective too. Having obsessive-compulsive tendencies make it incredibly hard to watch movies in a series singularly. Just knowing that the others are there, not being watched drives me batty.

Sadly the filmmaker I am probably the closest to being like ain’t Kubrick or Spielberg. It’s Neil Labute, at least when he’s a writer/director, not a director only. So far, I detest every movie he’s directed that he didn’t write. Now, again I fall incredibly short of his genius and writing. That’s the eternal chase, though isn’t it? To strive to be as good as your masters and in the failure, you find out who YOU are as an artist.

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