Here we are at the end of yet another year. I did not think I would have the time to do a recap this year. Turns out having the flu creates a pocket of time since you can do little else. Although, I have managed to squeeze out 3 full episodes of FRAMELINES in as many days. I still have another 4 to go in the next week. Not that hard when most of the individual segments are already edited. On this last day of 2016, I did not have nearly as bad a year as most. The beginning of the year started with a much maligned eye infection that nearly cost me my eyesight permanently. After that debacle, I took a long needed break from stress.

Then I got back on a certain amount of the horse. Still not narrative film work has been completed, but I got back into a higher gear with FRAMELINES, focusing on the Interactive Tutorials that became the most successful thing I worked on this past year.

Along with the Framelines Interactive Tutorial, I updated and upgraded the Royalty Free Music tracks by remastering the audio files from the original CD’s and uploading them to YouTube and also SoundCloud. These have proven to be popular as well, as for the past 16 years these old songs of mine have always been an option for indie filmmakers as totally free music to use.

I got back to the Sonnyboo Podcasts as a way to continue to do something, albeit so little it assuages the need to make a movie. I make these for myself. It matters not what anyone thinks of them as they do what I need them to do for me, which usually entails mastering some new form of post production or animation or something that I turn into a profitable endeavor.

I bought a drone and that has brought me a lot of pleasure as well as profit. I love flying the damn thing, and relish in the new perspectives it gives you. See the world from 399 feet up is something so few people have gotten to see and now it’s available to anyone for a couple hundred bucks, and in Ultra HD 4K.

And the downsides of the past year. The election consumed most American’s lives, and I was not an exception. I made money from politicians doing television ads, and got sucked into the madness therein.

My brother passed away. After nearly a year long struggle with brain cancer, he succumbed peacefully in his sleep. The consolation is that it has brought me a lot closer to both my parents. I find myself enjoying their company genuinely, and feel compelled to help in ways I probably would not have even a year ago.

Life has been moving pretty fast. I don’t mind it passing me by every now and then, as long as I hop on when I need to.

“It’s the edge of the world
And all of western civilization
The sun may rise in the East
At least it settles in the final location
It’s understood that Hollywood Sells”
– Red Hot Chili Peppers

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