Things truck forward. Been busy all week with multicam directing gigs. Got an edit for Bryan’s short film he’s directing tomorrow. Tonight will continue the binge re-watching of GAME OF THRONES. I started this when I was sick the past two weeks, but now that I’m feeling better, I just can’t stop. Today I spent the afternoon reorganizing my gear for a directing gig and short film shoot coming up. I’ve been slowing acquiring prime lenses, LED lights, stands, cables (just got two 50 foot HDMI cables for a multicam shoot), some adapters, microphones, and basically everything I need to do shoots on my own.

I am most proud of my camera rig. Having the cage with all the bells & whistles make this highly functional as a cinema camera. I am so itching to shoot something with it. I have some old FRAMELINES examples I can do to wrap up the lingering TO DO LIST.

From the old Sonnyboo Movie Cliché series, I might start releasing those sample scenes as Interactive Tutorials, but on the Sonnyboo channel since they were entirely separate from FRAMELINES.

I love turning my old material into something multifunctional. Breathing new life into old projects, innovating on the original intent; that just feels right. I have at least 2 of these old Movie Cliché sample scenes I can convert easily to downloadable projects.

One small snag. Time. I don’t have a lot of time. I’m directing a big show next week live of the NOT SO LATE SHOW. I’m getting booked on other shoots and edits. I love being busy though. Traveling and working on all kinds of productions never sucks.

I am blessed to have the life I have. I am proud of the friends who help me realize my dreams. I want to be worthy of the time people donate to me and my endeavors.

“Now the fire fall burns
We go out together
As the planet returns
Into the light
Something more than dreams to
Watch out for each other
’cause’ we know what it means
To be alive?”
– Duran Duran

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