Well she left me. I got used and abandoned. Sometimes she does this. She just ups and leaves when I need her the most. There’s nothing like getting your teeth kicked in by someone you love and care for. I’m staring at a deadline that can’t be escaped and all she can do is think about herself and not about me and my needs.

I’m speaking of course about the muse. I need to come up with something to put into a giant sea of green and I just can’t think of what to put in it. I was even contemplating some form of white, as in a digital white cyke with gradients, etc. but that stinks of desperation. It might also be my only answer if that mythical bitch doesn’t come back to visit me and give me inspiration in the next 48 hours.

I’m presenting my two TV pilots at the end of this week and I’m still putting together what should be the easier of the two episodes. Well, it isn’t. I have no idea what to do with the greenscreen elements I’ve been shooting this past week. I’m officially out of ideas. I’m mulling over some white-ish ideas but that seems lame. I also don’t have a title sequence or even a remote concept of what to do with one.

My brain is effectively jell-o right now. I can’t think. I can’t concentrate. I’m sleepy. I’m tired. I’m worn down. Nothing is relaxing me. Friday night I watched AVATAR on Blu-Ray, simply because I could turn my brain off for 3 hours with this brainless entertainment. I had only seen it once in 3D, and to be honest, I preferred it in 2D. In my opinion the whole new 3D thing is a fad, not the salvation or future of theatrical releases. It’s mildly entertaining, but story, character, and meaning supersede spectacle every time. Can you imagine a Woody Allen movie in 3D?

Anyways, FRAMELINES is done. The intro and title sequence are doing well in responses. I just put out the first real story, focusing on Mickey Fisher from Ironton Ohio. This guy is an inspiration. Mickey rocks and has made some of my favorite low budget features, period. Scott shot, directed, and edited this with our intern Alex Newman.

We’ll be screening the first 30 minute episode of FRAMELINES tomorrow night at the INDIECLUB COLUMBUS meeting. It should be interesting to see how people react to it. From what I’ve seen from the intro and Mickey story, we’ve got a good show. My sights have gotten a little loftier with the final product of the show than I originally intended. I thought a UHF station with limited reach would suffice, but the show is better than that, thanks in large part to the efforts and participation of others.

Maybe in a few weeks I can make a happy announcement about where and how to see the show(s).

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