I believe in karma. There is too much evidence of it in the positive and negative for me to deny its existence. So in that vein, I am going to promote a project with as much passion and energy as I would my own, although I had nothing to do with said project.

AIDAN 5 is a bold and amazing web series. They have been in production and post production for 2 years trying to bring to life the ambition and style that it promises. 
Now, they are releasing the episodes one every two weeks. Episode 2 is now online. Part Blade Runner, Part Sin City, AIDAN 5 comes from John Jackson the director, Ben Bays the producer, Tim Baldwin a writer and editor, and Vidas Barzdukas (that is spelled correctly, as I had to check with the Lithuanian embassy). Starring Bryan Michael Block and Maya Sayre, against an almost entirely greenscreen world that was then put in by artistist like Ben Brown.

Here are the first two episodes and a trailer for the entire 15 episode first “season”.

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