Got the first pass of the sound mix last night. 90% there already. That means stepping up my host segment final tweaks, getting this thing ready for release on Friday. No one is particularly waiting for this, nor is there any anticipation. I just want to do this for me. Fulfilling a promise I made, again more to myself than anyone else, means feeling better on the inside where my squishy parts are. The music is perfect in it, the overall vibe is nice and I like where things are at with the look and feel. The edit paces good so far and once I get it all together in a magical sauce, I can cook it and taste it all on my tongue. How’s that for a word picture?

Massive file copy tonight, trying to make all of this project mobile on Ye Olde Laptop. I need to be able to tweak on breaks at the school. I want to be creative and productive at any time, get these things ready to hit the universe when they are done. I’ve wasted too much precious time already. I shan’t waste any more.

Back to the workity work, my droogies. Your faithful narrator must complete the tasks.

[i]”For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it’s headed my way. ”
– Led Zeppelin[/i]

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