The past several days have really sucked. I got the flu whilst in the middle of the national ad campaign. I managed to get my work done, but practically nothing else. It was work, nap, work, nap and no time to so much as look at a few emails. My head hurts, can’t taste anything, snot pouring from my nose, and a fever. Thank god for the people who have been taking care of me. Help cannot be undervalued. From people bringing me my laptop from work with FTP info to the people who made me chicken soup and brought me Vitamin C; good people paying off all the karma I put into the world.

I thought for sure I would be way behind on the workload. It’s a heavy lifting job, but I barely managed to keep it together and stay on track. The blur of fever dreams, then forcing myself up to edit spots, and now to be organized and upload to all 50 states means having to protect my own organization. There have to be safety nets to verify that I am sending the right commercial to the right stations. I have rigorous double checks to make sure.

This is the first time I’ve felt even a little bit awake in several days. Still need more rest. Once I get caught up on my stories like this week’s CASTLE and AGENT CARTER, then I can rest and start bright and early tomorrow again.

“I wanna tell you bout my good thing
I ain’t disclosing no names but–
He sure is a good friend and!
I ain’t gonna tell you where he comes from”
– Led Zeppelin

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