Got a new edit done and out there. This was a Tech Tip from 6 years ago that I forgot existed until the Sonnyboo Intern Army discovered it on an HD tape when digitizing for the car chase footage. And serendipitously, the tech tip was about the exact same car chase footage. Last weekend I put out the raw footage of the car stuff for anyone to download and practice editing. Now I’ve got an instructional video to go with it. Got some more edits to get through today and tomorrow, both for pay and for me. The bossman bought a new fridge for my edit suite at work. My old college boy client refrigerator is apparently far too loud when the compressor kicks in. Also got bottled water and some soda to refill it since the Sonnyboo Intern Army drinks a lot. I keep expecting them to just exist without sustenance.

I’ve been shooting tests with the GoPro Hero3 camera. I wanted to play with the 24P 1080 settings and try things. It’s very odd to shoot with no clue the framing and no real way to see it. There’s an iPhone app for it, but there’s some weird hoops to getting that to work. The GoPro can be outputting a WiFi signal and then you have to get a password for the camera to log in to it with the iPhone. I haven’t had time to tinker with all that yet as I’d rather get things finished, but I will get to it.

“If there’s something I have said or done tell me what and I’ll apologize”
– The Beatles

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