Acolytes of Boo, I have dreadful news. Scott Spears (, the cinematographer on half fof HORRORS OF WAR has tragedy hit. His wife Tracy passed away last night. No one is sure yet what happened, but my heart goes out to Scott and Tracy’s families. She seemed to have passed peacefully at home. She was barely 42 years old. I have been asked to take over the business, Production Partners Media in the interim while Scott deals with this. I am happy to do this for him, as there is little else I can do. These tragic events allow for people around them to be affected, and left helpless to do anything about it. At least I can contribute in some small way by filling in at work, doing some of Scott’s work for him, and keeping the business running.

For those not in the know, Scott has been hiring me so much in the last year that he has provided over 90% of my annual income in 2007. He rescued me from poverty. That’s what Scott is like. He’s more generous and helping than anyone else I’ve ever known. I can think of no one that deserves this less. Scott is a great guy, and I don’t mean that in the generic, he’s really just okay kind of way – I mean Scott redefines generosity and even mindedness. It tears me apart to hear him so distraught.

My thoughts go to the families. For anyone wanting to send flowers or cards for Scott, send them to his attention here at the studio:

Production Partners Media
520 Enterprise Dr
Suite C
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

Hold on to someone or something precious. You never know when you might lose it.


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