Did I not convey how little time I already had to dedicate to projects? How about adding another side project? Framelines is going to get a little brother of sorts. I’m going to do a cable show too, in what little spare time I have.¬†Oddly this show started as a precursor to Framelines in 2007. I was doing a public access show in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland on filmmaking. I was taking any and all existing Behind the Scenes clips and just randomly throwing them together with unrelated short films. It wasn’t much, but any chance to get your movies seen is a good thing. The Behind the Scenes was to try to qualify for the Education Access channels. Since I wasn’t affiliated with any accredited school, it did not get on, and that was my back door to Columbus access television since we have no Public Access.

Obviously this means something else has changed too.

So now I have my 17 episodes of this show that was formerly called “Making Movies in Ohio”, and yes I already know how amazingly clever that title was. I have decided to rename the show “Clip Frames” because I have more than enough material since 2007 to create an additional 3-5 episodes of this half hour show. I have overflow content from FRAMELINES that can find a home on this show too, with appropriate watermarking and credits.

The real crux lies with my current standards. The old episodes aren’t anywhere near as polished as FRAMELINES. I want this to be a 2nd cousin to FRAMELINES, but not direct relation. Do I spend time re-editing the show to make it somewhat more current and with my standards, taking even more time away from other endeavors, or do I pretty much change the title on the old episodes and only worry about the 3-4 new episodes and let there be a pretty diverse change in style/content?

I ponder this and also how to outline my first few new classes I am to teach.

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