Non-stop. Working all the time, playing around when I can. About to get a drop off of work, so hopefully that means getting to shoot more for myself, finish editing some of my projects, and then getting ready to rinse and repeat for weeks on end. It’s a pipedream, but a nice one. When I get the time, I want to really dive into some editing for me. I want to get lost in the work, tinker, tailor the footage, tear it down, start over, and really have fun playing. It represents the essence of art to me. I simply do not understand people who dread the edit or don’t completely enjoy this part of the process.

By that same logic, I cannot fathom enjoying putting a timer on that process for a few hours on a weekend or thinking it can be an exact science like that. What an insult to the art of editing to do these contests! It would feel like paint by numbers rather than the rhythmic artform that it is. Being and editor on a film is like being the drummer in a band. Sure, some people can keep time, but then here’s some people out there like John Bonham or Neil Peart that redefines the form.

The house is 97.56% complete. Got some last minute artwork tonight because it was half off. Putting together some Sonnyboo and FRAMELINES T-Shirts, and they look decent. I want to to some more promotion when the newer episodes air.

Today was momentous with the boys. I worked from home in the new office. Little Lorenzo Lamas Jones came out and played in my room, rolled around on the rug, and played like all was normal again. “V” was annoyed, as usual. Today was a good day in ROSSLAND

“And the days go by
Like a strand in the wind
In the web that is my own
I begin again”
– Stevie Nicks

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