Done deal. Shoot dates are set for my next short film. I will be starting casting in a short while, and I will do rehearsals before the shoot, as I always do for films (not necessarily the FRAMELINES sample scenes, which I really should anyways). Also got a notice that some of the older Tech Tips are still being played at the University of Alabama’s Telecommunications and Film Department. I sent them along the new Interactive Editing Tutorial to try out, so hopefully that’s another school putting this into use.

Along with Capital University’s Electronic Media and Film department already using the Interactive Editing Tutorial with students means I have stumbled onto something cool with this. The next tutorial is already set to be released in April, as part of the IndieGoGo Campaign, which by the way is already at the 10% mark in just 3 days. I am very happy with those results with minimal effort.

The FRAMELINES FUNDRAISER is in effect. 10% raised in the first few days, I am proud. I’ve barely started any promotion for this. I am going to release a new FRAMELINES somthing every few days and link the FUNDRAISER to that. Like I just did the Season 3 title sequence, showing off the stunning 4K footage from the projection booth of a 70mm film print. I used to be a projectionist in the late 80’s early 90’s.

I am in awe of all the things, entirely good, happening to me right now. I thought it was too good and my 70″ UHD 4K TV broke, as in there’s a solid blue line down the center. I was angry and sad. It was less than 4 months old and that is bad. Vizio is replacing it for free with a newer model TV and delivering it in a few days, so in the end I’m getting a newer, bigger, better TV – so that bad thing turned into all kinds of awesome.

KARMA IS REAL. When you do good for others, it comes back to you in some form. When you’re not a good person, well they say you reap what you sow. Although anecdotal, this happens everywhere I look.

“I am yours now and you are mine
And together we’ll love through all
Space and time, so don’t cry
One day all seven will die
All seven and we’ll watch them fall
They stand in the way of love
And we will smoke them all
With an intellect and a savoir-faire
No one in the whole universe
Will ever compare”
– Prince

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