I ran out of Led Zeppelin songs to use as titles for the blog, so I’m back to alliteration of sesquipedalianism. Many things seem to be back to ‘normal‘ for me, if such a thing exists. Lack of sleep, no real down time, and non-stop creation in some form or another. Yesterday was a marathon of work on a variety of projects; today wasn’t much different. After getting home last night, I was so jazzed about motion tracking a green screen dolly shot that I did 3 test renders before realizing I had the wrong take and did 1 more before bed. Got up, and started in immediately on all the greenscreen footage, blinked and I had been tinkering for over 5 hours. I had a really good edit of a scene, some decent FX and color correction.

Went and helped my brother, then came home after a brief stop at Half Priced Books where I promptly lost a few dollars. I’m like a gambling addict at a casino whenever I walk into one of these stores. They had a James Bond storyboard and art direction book for $4.99, so what was I supposed to do? Not BUY it? That’s madness! MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!!

I had 2 hours before a meeting about the feature film, and should have rested, taken a nap, just watched TV, or ANYTHING other than work, but I tinkered even more on the edit, got some ideas on graphic design for the overall piece and had a rough cut of the entire thing, including a re-edit of the scene that goes inside of this.

Tomorrow is non-stop again. Lunch meeting, location scouting for a short film, work on a TITLE SEQUENCE for this new web project, and then some more FRAMELINES EDITING. Tack on a conference call for fundraising additional money for the feature film, and scheduling issues with the script, and then my Sunday will disappear before STARTING the work week on Monday morning.

And I am extremely happy to be doing any and all of this. I’m like a guy that’s been in the desert for 2-3 years finally jumping into the pool. Suck it naysayers and slackers. And if you’re a crazy psychopathic loser who is reading this blog between 4-10 times a day, please seek the help of a mental health professional. You are sick and need a lot of help. Or find someone else to stalk, one or the other. Whichever things gets you away from my blog.


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