I got a check today from Youtube. It was for over a few hundred dollars for last month. I hadn’t noticed (nor had I been looking), but it seems that the viral hits of my HOW TO DEAL WITH TELEMARKETERS series has some kind of bump as well as the hits for a certain series of phone calls I recorded have seriously made me some cash money. Now I researched this a little and saw that some telemarketing groups are outraged at the video and making it semi-viral (in the 10’s of thousands of views). Comments reflect clearly that actual telemarketers do not like the videos and the general public get ideas.

Funny though, I make money whether the telemarketers like the videos or not. I have not been working my Youtube marketing much, except maybe to promote the educational videos on the FRAMELINES site. I’m quite proud of the numbers for that. Instructional videos do well online, as is evident by the plethora of similar videos proliferating the internet.

Life is good. My main desires are sated. Getting this bump in money pays for some kitchenwares, some new clothes, and cleaning products. Yup, I spent more than half of this found money in about 2 hours. I justify it by spending the money on responsible-ish products.

Gonna paint again this weekend. I’m all about DIY home stuff right now. It’s keeping me grounded, away from wasteful time killers. Trying to get all my edits done. Delivered FRAMELINES to the Ohio Channel today. We’ll get back on the air in a few short weeks, statewide. I can’t wait for the material to get seen, some of it never before, the rest again.


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