After such a strange and busy holiday season, things have settled back down some. Not as much as I wanted. The upside resides in the surge of activity on my creative side. I want to get things rocking and I have a shoot for FRAMELINES early next week already. I’m rushing to get things together for that, whilst also doing paid work. The adrenaline surging through me at the moment feels fantastic. Getting back on the saddle, working with actors, cinematographers, then editing and delivering. The entire process of creation of any kind of motion picture gets me hard. My apologies to my aunts who read this blog; it’s just that me erectile functions directly correlate to my film work. I’m not ashamed of my little buddy.

Location scout in the morning, then an edit session for someone else’s movie I am finishing off the post production for. My blood thumps at all the work coming in and going out. I did finish an edit for two FRAMELINES roundtable clips, one is up already (see below embed).

For these two shoots, I hope to make both of them interactive projects as well, so shooting 4K to future proof them a bit is essential. The previous raw footage projects have been somewhat successful. I’ve shied away from my usual marketing and self promotions of late. I will return to that once I get these finished. The goal is to get them to the finish line quicker, without delay.

So much to do, so little time. This semi-neglected blog is like many things in my life, pushed aside for the glory of Film Projects and Personal Time.

“Advisory – the following lyrics contain explicit language:
Gentle is sun
I breathe it in my soul
And I want to let it go
And come down, come down
Innocent we laugh
Easily we cry
Even through the cracks
We are simply human
You know we are
You know we are
Sometimes you just know
Sometimes you spin out of control
And there’s always room to grow
So keep your head high”
– Morgan Taylor Reid

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