So I got my own DJI Phantom 3 4K quadcopter drone. I love it. The images are amazing. This thing is easy to control, has some great features, and has will enter me into the zone of drone pilots and shooters. This kind of thing will become quite the tool for filmmaking too. I am always just floored at the perspective, the view that we normally cannot see or even consider. I setup a Soundcloud account as an alternative to hosting ZIP files with outdated MP3’s of my old music. So far, I have uploaded a few tracks, not the bulk of the stuff yet.

Today I took a little time and ripped the audio CD’s WAVE files and opened them up in Adobe Audition to tweak and improve a little what was there. The vast majority of my music was recorded on a Fostex 4-track cassette machine in the late eighties and early nineties. There is considerable hum and tape hiss, easily removed with today’s software. Then I re-equalized and added a better range of sound with some audio compression.

With over 120 songs on 8 CD’s of original material, only about 32 make the cut, and even then, some of it is really embarrassing. I might actually request people NOT credit me on some of these songs. Especially on the really bad ones where I sing. Some of the original50 Royalty free Songs from will not be coming back up.

On Soundcloud I can upload the entire WAVE and get a really high quality file for people to rip. Also, I started to create these Youtube videos to get the audio tracks. These have just a still image and a sound wave animation. By doing these in 4K, the audio quality is outstanding in all the resolutions. They take oddly between 3-6 hours each to render.

I have noticed that a lot of royalty free music is being distributed via Youtube videos, and that is worth taking note. Youtube has become such a catchall for all types of media.

Between all this very new and very old in my life right now, my dreams have been invaded by the most odd mix. Combine that with the fact that my cat “V” is now officially 10 years old, all I can do is continue my demarcation of time.

“Voodoo in my blood is living
Blood take I’m chillin’
Chill me got the soul of a mimic
It’s not quite right, you must be silly
Sign of the wars is my grinning
Come into my time and see me”
– Massive Attack

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