Season Two of FRAMELINES has already started to ramp up. A few new stories have come up, a whole lotta Tech Tips in the works, and I already have skeleton timelines of 7 new episodes started. I find it motivating to have real tangible deadlines, and with airdates looming; I got tighter deadlines than normal. One more episode completely finished editing, and now the transcription and closed captions to follow this week. The elation from finalizing an episode remains unparalleled. Maybe the OCD responds to the finishing and my endorphins kick in.

Work has slowed down a lot, both teaching and paid edits. Money will get a little tighter for a time. I cancelled Netflix even for rentals until I get caught up on Blu Ray watching. Still not a lot going on there. I’ve watched 1 disc in 11 days. But at least I was getting a lot edited.

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