What a waste of a week this has been. With all the time away from teaching, and a minimal edit week, I got so little done and I don’t even feel particularly well rested or mentally relaxed. I’ve watched a couple movies, edited a few short things for myself, and laid some episodes to tape with Closed Captions, but overall – no where near the amount of work I intended to do. I blame the workouts. Been hitting the gym reliably well. It wears me down a lot, takes a lot of time, and makes my body more sore. Old habits try to trick the brain into thinking all those weights and swimming are bad. I do wonder sometimes if there is a drug in Coca-Cola that makes me crave it night and day as if it were oxygen because it is so very refreshing and delicious. Of course not!

Been on a minor marketing blitz of late. Promoting individual videos, whether they be from the Movie Cliche series, FRAMELINES, or even the renovations to the Sonnyboo site with free downloads.

The delicate balance of making a name for oneself without growing the ego. What’s hard is hearing the music and trying not to dance. Part of the branding is the updated logo. Converting a “Men at Work” sign with the slate – not the most unique idea, but one I love. Better than the stuffed gingerbread man at least.

This far, VIMEO is kicking YouTube’s ass for the latest Framelines clips. Even the MOFA roundtables, which got some nice Blog promotion from film blogs on the web didn’t compare to some UNKNOWN links that are getting us thousands of views on the Tech Tips and panels.

I love my webstats, but nada – no clue where these views are coming from. The little Facebook/Google+ promo bumped up the Sonnyboo.com hits for a day and will trail off a little each day. I still average several thousand worldwide unique visitors a day to the main site. Strangely, Ohio my home state garners the lower tier of views. All the countries of South America, and the largest collection of hits comes from California. I’ve even seen some hits from Pixar, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Zoic Studios, and other companies checking it out.

None of which really means much, but it’s still cool.

“I’ve got to make a play to make my lover stay. So what would an angel say? The devil wants to know”
―Fiona Apple

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