I can’t get caught up. So much work and not enough time for mine own self. I want to work on my stuff more. Not a lot of money in it, but certainly fulfilling to create your own material. I’m still managing to slug through things, just not to the point of getting them finished. I’ve developed a more perfectionistic approach. Not a true perfectionist, but something akin to it, as in I spend a lot more time on everything. I’d rather have good things than settle.

Hopefully this weekend I can finalize a few things in the queue. Getting new content out into the world on a regular basis seems to be the pattern you need to sustain interest. Short attention spans, getting shorter by the day, fits the viewers need. Consistent releases, always new content.

“You will remember, when this is blown over and everything’s all by the way”
– Queen

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Peter John Ross

A filmmaker, a dreamer, and the world's only Dan Akroyd Cosplayer


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