Editing on my own personal projects resembles a treat or a dessert. Because I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, I cannot allow myself to start work on editing one of my “art” projects until the day job work is done. That means I have to finish editing all the commercial work, then the PBS show FRAMELINES for at least one more episode before I can start work on the new shorts.

This is my way of defeating procrastination. 

So far it works fairly well with some minor infractions. With BITTER OLD MAN, I was driven. Now I am somewhat driven because I have the final shot I waited 7 months to get for this other one. There is a challenging effect I am really exciting to try out. I have reference photos and all kinds of concepts to try. These are the things that excite me on little projects; finding something that I’ve never done before and seeing if I can do it convincingly, at least to me.

I am delving a bit more into drama and adult themes in the writing and subject matter. I am not really “maturing” per se, although many of my interests of late have come into different realms of thought. Is that what maturing is? I still feel like sitting at the kiddie table!

Time to trudge through some more editing on FRAMELINES. Not the worst thing by far, but it burns me out pretty quickly. Once I get the groove on, it speeds up a lot, but getting there can be a bear.

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