Shot a new tech tip, a new Sonnyboo Podcast, and another segment of FRAMELINES, plus closed captioning on 2 more episodes, almost ready to deliver. All this excluding my paid work and teaching 3 classes this week. Oh, and I also finalized a new MOFA-FRAMELINES roundtable segment, uploaded now, controversy and all. Other people’s drama doesn’t slow me down. I keep working because I love to create. Making these clips, prepping the next productions, and marketing the ones that are done make me happy. I’ve been so happy lately, making a much higher volume of material and for other personal reasons.

FRAMELINES is the one thing I do that had remained above the fray. FRAMELINES has actively mended fences, meaning people who swore to see me suffer have been asked on the show and featured on TV. Since FRAMELINES highlights filmmakers and works to educate beginners. I’ve arranged distribution not only on PBS, but on cable in 5 neighboring states (so far).

I am outputting a lot of work these days. Sometimes more than 1 project in a week. The 2 things I shot today for myself might be both finished in a week or so. I am entirely clueless why the volume of work I put out seems to be a problem for some people, like they are annoyed at this. I also don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it. I make things, I put them out there, and then I promote it. How people feel about it isn’t really much of a priority.

So many of my future shoots need warm weather. Hopefully that will be coming soon enough. Yesterday was nice, tomorrow looks okay, but still not good enough to shoot in. Too much wind, unpredictable temperatures from hour to hour. Soon enough, the shooting will begin in earnest.

Got into another film festival, the ever fun Colony Film Festival in Marietta, Ohio where I was a guest speaker a few years ago. Submitted this to another few festivals, about $100 worth a month or so ago, so finding out about other fests is forthcoming. I promised to submit, and late though I may be, I keep my word.

Forward and chin held high. I love making movies. I am grateful for the opportunities to keep doing what I love.

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