Today, a huge amount of progress was made towards getting my next film made. Locations selected, producers “hired”, and dates were set for shooting. My goal to keep the aims higher will be met. This will be my crown jewel achievement as a director. I’m calling it now. I am blown away. I was just sent this book The Cinema of Michael Mann mentioned me by name and Horrors of War when talking about Mann’s World War II sci fi movie THE KEEP. What an incredible honor to have my movie mentioned, and not slammed for the hunk of crap that it is, next to Michael Mann’s movie. Speaking of HORRORS OF WAR, the rights for North America come back to me next month.

Got asked to write a blurb for a 2nd edition of a book on greenscreen work. The aforementioned press release worked because I got my second interview request from a magazine this week. The first interview was with HDPROGUIDE on my edit system and setup.

Probably the crown jewel though was having one of the editors from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT not only make an edit from the Interactive Editing Tutorial, but tweeting about it and making his banner pic his Avid timeline of the footage I directed.

I am having such an amazing year already and we’re barely at the end of the first quarter. So much is happening so fast, I can barely keep up. Man, what is happening? I haven’t really lost any weight from going to the gym for the past month, so I have no idea why I’m getting so much good karma hitting my way. It’s like a tsunami of awesome and goodness wrapped in a Reese’s Easter Egg with no fat content.

Consider your faithful narrator humbled.

“I tried to repress it
Then I carried its crown
I reached out to undress it
And love let me down
Love let me down…
So I tried to erase it
But the ink bled right through
Almost drove myself crazy
When these words led to you
And all these useless dreams of living alone
Like a dogless bone…
So come let me love you
Come let me love you
And then… colour me in”
– Damien Rice

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