Some days my patience is tried to its very limits. I hate dealing with the irrational and idiotic of this world. I get so frustrated, trying as hard as I can to do the right thing, to be a better man, only to have my efforts tossed aside in favor of unjustified malice and stupidity. Want to know what saves the day – [b]EVERY SINGLE TIME? Love[/b]. Something so simple, so beautiful. I love my cats. I love what I do for a living. I love my friends. Even with all of its flaws I love [b]life[/b]. I had a pretty miserable day. In light of the pretty darn good week I had, this was not the way I wanted to spend my Saturday, wallowing in darkness. After coming home from a walk, little Lorenzo Lamas Jones was missing. For over 2 hours he was nowhere to be found. This ain’t his first Houdini impression. I didn’t panic, although it was starting to set in. When his little Booger self revealed himself, I was so overwhelmed with joy.

They say petting a cat relaxes you and decreases the likelihood of heart disease by 30%. I needed both my cats today. In the end, I got back to work, sank into a few creative ideas, and talked to my boys.

I’m not going to let petty nonsense or anyone else’s insanity define my day anymore. Soon I find out if I won an Emmy. Soon the rest of my shows air on TV. Soon my latest creations will get on out there. Nobodys personal psychosis can detract me from what I am doing.

I’m making a choice, right here and now. I will not be distracted by the crazy. I will not be deterred from my path with the insanity of others. I chose the love I have for life. I chose to be a better man.

Time to make a stand. Who do you want to be? How will you live your life?

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